Lineup help and changes

For cenzoic

for land

For aquatic
Can anyone suggest any idea or opinion to help my lineup

You dont have the dna to make any changes, best to just keep hatching and fusing everything the game gives you and build your dna reserves. Over time you will accumulate enough legendaries to strengthen your lineup.


I spend it on nundagosaurus to make it lvl 30

but is lvl 20 diplosuchus okay for my lineup

No, you would be better suited with 2 lvl 10s than one level 20.


New lineup chages.can anybody wanna give more suggestions to improve my lineup

what should i make next after making metriaphodon

  • indominus rex
  • tapejalosaurus
  • dimetrocarnus
  • ostaposaurus
  • unayrynchus

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finally i created my first poll

my vote will not be counted

are you here

so i will go for dimetrocarnus

I’m going to keep It lvl 4 because it is way too op at this level so yeah

Your #1 dino has ferocity of 4954 to my #1 dino’s 4440 . We both have a lv40 pteranodon which sits at #7 in your lineup while mine sits at 30ish position. So I’ll say you need to improve your depth more than anything.

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what is your strongest dino btw thx for telling my strongest creature’s ferocity

but my actual best dino is pterodactylus because i can use it 8 times a day and it has alot of damage

and with rajastega i can use it 2 times a day

Lv20 concavenator(3hr+CD) .if you want creatures with less cooldown try getting diplosuchus and tapejalocephalus with 4+ and 5+ hr cooldown they’re strong and can be used 3/4 times a day or even more if you time them perfectly. I’ve and army of them. They’re half my top 30.

lvl 20 vips kinda have better cooldown like 3 or 4 hours and we can use them 6-8 times a day if you dont sleep

Well it was a nightmare for a long time because i made her in my 4/5th week in the game. Didn’t had much idea how everything works. Now she’s still my top dino but my 2nd best acrocanthosaurus lv10 might be out of top50. Here’s my lineup for reference. I’ve armies of s-hybrids and I’m going to improve upon it.

nice lineup