Lineup Help Needed by a Slightly Better than Before Player

Yes, that’s the title. I think I can finally move past this thread

I think I can call myself a mid level player, I’ve hit 60, I’ve gotten Dominator Wins…
But you know me, I’m good at helping others with lineups, but I’m pretty dumb when it comes to my own :sweat_smile:
So uh yeah. Here is my lineup

No ones gonna look past alanga prolly, but after that it’s super rare 40s, which are borderline usable in high pred. I know that tapej was a horrible horrible idea, but I didn’t think it would be this insane, I know @Raptor43577 has a tropeo at 25 so I thought what’s the worst that could happen? And uh yeah…
My current goal? Get my nodo to 24ish, and sino to 24ish as well. After that I’m gonna save to go full in on metricantho. I just need to wait a week for the discount to buy my last sino as well.


I think you need 3 things, a) few meat shields to start a match and gain a lot of reserve, b) a hard hitter for late game sweep, metri is a great choice for where you’re at, and c) a couple of solid amphibians to take down big carnos like Yudon, Cera, and Erliph that start popping up low dom.

For reference here’s mine, I haven’t lost a tourney since I adopted this strat shortly before I took a break


Well I did get therizino unlocked. So should I try for a 40? Or even 2 30s considering people have told me it has more health than most legendaries at 30. Really hoping for a amphibian from the VIPs. Hopefully prestosuchus, I just love canons.
Also metricantho has insane stats for a level 30, I am a while away from him.

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You also need to be able to balance cooldown with power, especially if you’re gonna play in tourneys

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Therizino could work in a pinch, but with a 5 hour cooldown at L30 it’s not ideal

5 hour :fearful:
Ahh, then I hope for apato, only 4 for 200 more health

That’s why you have 2 level 30s

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Trust me, that hour can rly stack up if you need to make last minute runs

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Even at L30 it’s 5, L40 is 11

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That’s very long. I might have to stick with using balanced creatures as fodder like I do now. Bary and stega have good attack stats but their health is more helpful to me

Idk ok, I just checked @Mary_Jo ‘s sheet

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I know it’s 5 hours, just saying if he wanted thero as a meat shield, 2 level 30s would be better than 1 level 40. Especially if he only has 1 apato


Oh ok, didn’t catch that

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No problem, meat shields work wonders for reserves but their cooldowns are just not ideal the higher the level. Multiple meat shields of the same creature and you can get away with only having a few glass cannons or balanced creatures since their cooldowns would be less than that.

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Here’s my lineup for comparison in case you were wondering @DinosaursRCool. General next steps are gonna be Icthyostega 40, Antarctopelta 25ish, Nodosaurus 25ish, Diplosuchus 9, then an army of level 30 legendaries.

I actually have a theory: It might be a bad thing at this point in our lineups to expand the ferocity cap. I tried throwing my Acro, Indo-Rex 10, and Tropeo all into a single team and found that it doesn’t even perform as well as them on separate teams combined with my weaker dinos. The thing is, what you make up for in mismatch severity, you lose in AI predictability. I can almost guarantee what the AI will do if it can 1shot or 2shot me, but if I can live 2+ hits I have absolutely no idea what it will do. So when I brought Acro Indo-Rex Tropeo, I was left still in a mismatch but against an unpredictable opponent. Try keeping your ferocity cap exactly where it is right now, just add more dinos to it.


That’s a good theory. That’s why the last bracketed was so hard on my first few matches, we were about the same ferocity so they did less predictable things… Mismatches might not be a bad thing… Rip level 30 tourney dream for now lol, I’ll keep tourneys at 20 and legendaries at 35ish for now

By the way, level 40 Super Rares are usable in Dominator. Specifically Kapro level 40. 1200+ health is insane. My Kapro-Labyrinth lineup had 80%+ winrate last tournament.

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Kapro? I use him a bit but raptor and aero really bite the dirt in domi. Posto could work maybe, 400 damage is impressive for a S.Rare. But he gets one shot by most domi opponents even with the type advantage lol

Well I mean, you could just pretend that the thing you’re facing has 1500 attack instead and it would’ve oneshot you anyways. 402 attack is 1 less than Icthyostega 30 who I use as the finisher in my Kapro-Labyrinth lineup and 2 attack less than the Labyrinth. Granted, getting oneshot kinda makes it useless.

Start using Kapro more. I swear, he’s so good. It’s not like your lead will ever attack anything anyways. It literally has the same health as Scapho 30 and about 50 less health than Baryonyx and EDM 10.

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True… I should use him more I guess, I kinda regret selling those other 4 Kapros lol, a second level 40 would help a lot. But Kapro is stupid expensive in terms of food for what it is