Lineup Help needed by New Player

So, I’m a F2P new player that started a month or so ago, and now I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have about 10k dna coming up from the battle stages I haven’t done yet. Saving that up sure isn’t gonna help. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out a bit by suggesting what I can do.
Here’s my current lineup.

On top of this, I have a bunch of creatures waiting to be hatched. I also have a bunch of commons, should I max them out? Please give suggestions.
(I didn’t buy Antarctopelta because it would throw my ferocity out of wack, but then I fused both my suchomimus :man_facepalming:)


@DinosaursRCool I think you should follow the story mission and gradually expand your park until you reach lv.50 you can unlock trade harbor and lv.60 you will unlock clash of titans for get tournament creature.


At the very early stages your main focus should be to keep your hatchery running. It does not really matter what you hatch as long as you keep them at an appropriate level, raise the ferocity lvl slowly (lvl by lvl if necessary), don’t rush to feed them to max.
You don’t have to focus on your commons, meaning don’t spend dna on them, since you will most likely get them for free (card packs, prize drop, events etc). Commons are great money makers at the beginning and maxing them out gives some bucks that will help you keep your hatchery running.
You are at the very early stages of the game so, just save up some dna! There is no point in telling you what creatures to buy, just hatch everything, go with the flow! Enjoy whatever the game gives for free!


I have another question actually, are the boosted battle events and the boosted arena worth it? That’s what I’ve been doing so far to get better creatures.

Got this going for tomorrow

Level 30 Kapro is on the way


Modded pvp is well worth it for mid lvl players, but it might be a bit too expensive for you. Most players who grind pvp do 5-10 rounds/day and mods + 10db entry fee are demanding for lower lvl players but at least the prizes are decent (no coins or food).

An other thing to consider is the different tiers, with mid to higher end creatures (not sure about the cut off, but it might be around lvl 40 legendaries) the prizes are significantly better so the entry costs are worth it.

Basic pvp (especially if you can do them for free by watching content and do re-spins) might be more suitable for you now as some of the prizes for modded pvp (sdna) are not going to be important for a little while (nice to collect them on the long run) but are not enticing for early gamer as shybrids are months ahead.

Edit: sorry, misread your question. By boosted events you mean the ones at weekends that require mods?

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I actually meant both, I am a bit hesitant to try out the weekend boosted events because they are pretty hard. They also require mods which aren’t easily available to me as of now. I also can’t meme them with low level creatures with type advantage. Are they really worth it for a silver rewards?

The cut off is in the middle of the L40 Legendaries.

Be sure it says elite prize when you select your dinos.

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I’ve just reached level 40 rares lol

This MAY be a sign that the game thinks your creatures are too weak for your Park Level. If you are seeing several events where you feel outclassed, consider beefing up your lineup


True, it’s the worst in carnivore carnage, definitely because of my over leveled sucho. I’ll have to get more ~1300 ferocity creatures

For now you could bump alangasaur up to 20 and ophia fuse for a level 30, that will help level out your carnivores a bit

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In my experience I suggest this:
Firstly, think in the long run, what is your goal? Mine was getting into tournaments in dominator, it will take you a lot of time but by the end it will be worth it.
2-Make all the free Dinos you won, and start focusing in building slowly a team of legendaries, this team will help you latter so you can start with a level 20 and then with luck gain another two and start having teams.
3-Always have balanced team, my recommendation is that all of your 12 first creatures have the same ferocity level, this will help you winning all the events.
4-Do all of the events you can, and all of the missions so you can progress.
5-Once you progress a lot you can sell useless Dinos for DNA and use that DNA for improving your upper team.
6-Once you unlock trade harbor you will use apatosaurus fossil to dinobucks (you will get 1-3 trades a day), with this 300-400 dinobucks do moded pvp using one legendary level 40, and two low level creatures, by this you will gain sDNA for cool hybrids, some nice dna providing legendaries, and even spinoraptor, me after 2 months of daily having 5 fights with only level 40 legendaries ended winning 1 Rajastega, 2 spinoraptors, 8 diplotators and like 40 nice Dinos legendaries/súper rares that i traded for a lot of dna, do it only with trade harbor unlocked and with one legendary 40 per team.
Finally, SAVE,INVEST, REPEAT… save all of the LP you can to get 10k VIP packs, this will help you a lot, and start focusing each dino not thinking in today but in your future needs, it might take you 1-2 months to build a good team and level up but it’s totally worth it!


Your first hatchery spot should be common or rares only until they are all gone (that you get for free) Super rare at night, if away from the game for a long time (5+ hours), or have no rares or commons left. The other three slots should be legendaries if you have them. While these have longer hatch times the strength they bring to your lineup will one out weigh the cost of unlocking that pod and two you won’t be filling the last one or two pods every 8-10 hours, that gets pricy at your level.


Dang dude, you wrote a full guide on how to beat JWTG


Lol that makes sense. I had a plesio being hatched in the first slot for the past 4 days and spent atleast 200 Dino Bucks just to hatch other creatures.

I agree with this, except for selling useless dinos.

They still produce coins. They help with missions.

Most importantly, when you are navigating Boss missions and you don’t want to kill the boss/make it harder, weak dinos are really helpful for stepping in on that.


Agreed I never sell any dinos, keep a few at level 1 and im constantly adding to every paddock with creatures that I’ve won to further help with coin production.

My hatchery is non stop but so is my fusion lab also.

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My hatchery is too slow, even with four slots I have all my dinos completly fused as far as they can be evolved. Except ophi who is being fused now. I have horrible patience lol

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I mean like this for instance

I just continually hatch and fuse everything I get given, in the long term it’s like dna investment and more coin producing aswell.

I’ve never payed dna for a majunga, I’ve also got 4 level 40 dilophosaurs that I’ve not payed any dna for either. (Great coin producers)

Granted this is a bit overkill and not necessary for the game but I hate selling creatures :joy: