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Lineup Help needed by New Player


That explains my 4153 and 3392 matches a bit too well lol. In the first match the AI knew to do a 0-2-2 split that basically guaranteed victory in the last turn, in the second match the AI randomly attacked 2 on turn 1 when it couldn’t guarantee a kill.

34 trophies is fairly standard for a straight forward matchup. You are in Y territory when you get 34 trophies, which is a very broad spectrum.


@DinosaursRCool All right. Show me the matchups you’ve gotten on your way to Dominator. Here’s what I’ve had to put up with while you supposedly hit Dominator by spamming level 40 rares and commons.

Predator 60:

Predator 88:

I assume this is the type of match you’ve been getting? That’s me at the very bottom of Predator, less than 1 battle away from dropping to Hunter.

You wanna screenshot your matches now?

Predator 2 match
Sorry I had to sleep because time zones

I also had a couple matches with weaker opponents than this. At around pred 30

The tourney is working normally now for me, I’m one win away from domi but my opponents are a lot harder now

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You’re still using weaker dinos than me. I can barely win above Predator 50. Explain.

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@DinosaursRCool I just ran into Acrocanthosaurus 29, Priotrodon 27, and Proceratosaurus 26 at Predator 90. 2 level 30 VIPs and a legendary hybrid 30. Don’t you dare tell me you’re still having a cake walk in mid-Predator right now.

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Um @Andy_wan_kenobi so I experienced what I think was Psychic AI like 3-4 times today. Super winnable matchup, until the AI perfectly predicts and reacts to everything I do. I took some time to think about the last match I had, the AI literally made the best possible play every single turn, after taking my following turn’s action into consideration. Either it was ridiculously lucky at guessing my moves (which weren’t all obvious) or it physically adjusted its defense and reserve points according to what I did.


I’m getting destroyed with stronger dinos than both you combined lol. That matchup that you showed is half as hard as my average ones. I can barely stay above predator 50. How are you getting those matches at 2?
I faced a level 40 acro and apatosaurus against my level 7 stega, level 40 kapro(get one of these, amazing meat shields), zing 40. How? I was at predator 3 at that time


Ok I won’t tell you I’m having a cake walk. I’ll just show you
Predator 52

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Cue in pained screaming and crying

actually that stega has 120 odd ferocity over your creatures lol

@DinosaursRCool You see that Queztalcoatlus? I never once saw a single Super Rare below level 40 until last night.

@TheUltimateRex I meant his top 3. The average ferocity of his lineups is nowhere near mine, I think there’s a difference of around 100-200.

I can’t seem to send any more pics for some reason. I didn’t play for a while and am stuck down near bottom pred

I guess no domi for me, I guess you do have a better tournament team, I can only use 4 teams with a high win rate

That moment when you’re at 9885 lps but you’ve collected all the packs

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Sell dinos for lp

You have 4 teams? Lucky, I only have 2. My bracket is still a nightmare.

Dude. Look at this.

Guess where I ran into that team? THAT WAS HUNTER. And then the very next match, I found max Velociraptor Gen 2, Wuerhosaurus 15, Erilophosaurus 5. IN HUNTER.


Wheres your labryinthosurus?

? Oh you mean for my other teams? No I mean I do have a bunch of 1200+ ferocity dinos that I can throw into the tournament, but look at my bracket. None of my dinos survive there except my top 6 dinos, and even they barely make it.

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I meant you still haven’t gotten a labyrinthosaurus yet?