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Lineup Help needed by New Player

? Oh you mean for my other teams? No I mean I do have a bunch of 1200+ ferocity dinos that I can throw into the tournament, but look at my bracket. None of my dinos survive there except my top 6 dinos, and even they barely make it.

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I meant you still haven’t gotten a labyrinthosaurus yet?

I got one out of Gyrosphere. Don’t feel like unlocking it yet, I just finished spending so much DNA and food that I want to restock before going for it.

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Ok as you wish

Is there any point in rushing it? Especially when my top dino is an herbivore?

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No point in rushing unless it’s your own goal to do so. Just go at your own pace, try to enjoy the game even if it is being a nuisance during Tournaments.

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Well it does make tons and tons of coin. That would help you do the events that you have trouble with. Because of one max of those guys I can usually do all my events and gain a million additional coin to spend

Coin isn’t my bottleneck anymore. A few days with few costly events did it, I’m back above 6 million. Food though… I’m at less than 3 million food and I have to go make Tapejalosaurus this week too :frowning:

Btw guys, is it a good idea to rush Tapejalosaurus 20 (or at least 11) with this lineup? I know I already have 2 pterosaurs in my top 6 but like it’s Tape…

Tapejalosaurus 20 is not a good idea, maybe 11 but that’s at 2,111 ferocity.

This is were a level 20 falls in my lineup

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Wow Rajasaurus is so week. That’s less ferocity than a zheziangopterus at 30

Also how are you gonna make tapej? Do you have monolopho unlocked

@Bathory yeah I’m planning on just 11. Is that a good idea with my lineup?

@TheUltimateRex didn’t you see next week’s schedule? Monolophosaurus unlock event is tomorrow. Better start hatching Tapejaras right now lol

At level 11, Tapejalosaurus would be about 300 ferocity above your Antarctopelta. You could bridge that gap by leveling your Concavenator and Alangasaurus but that would also increase the ferocity of your top 3 creatures. If you keep 2 of them at level 10, they would sit just above your Scaphognathus.

I’d rather look to slowly increase my ferocity cap I think. I mean, my Antarctopelta, Concavenator, and Alangasaurus are all not at their peak potential ferocity so I have some room to work with there. Besides I do have 3 Diplotators as well so if I had to I can get Diplotator 21 to help out as well. I’m not too worried about a mild dropoff somewhere in the middle of my rotation, I don’t think. Besides, I really don’t need another pterosaur around Scapho’s ferocity…

Ok hang on, let me do some math to see what I can do with my lineup…

Ok how about this?
Tape 11, 2111
Diplotator 21, 2034
Pelta 11, 1883
Concave 2, 1825
Alanga something to be here
Zhejiangopterus 40, 1763
Scapho 20, 1626

And then the same lineup below that.

You could have the Tapejalosaurus at level 11, fuse the other 2 Antarctopelta’s and have 2 level 14 to sit below the Tapejalo, level up the Concavenator to level 5 to sit just barely above or below the Tapejalo, and Alangasaurus leveled up as well to sit below everyone else. Of course, like you said, there would be a drop off in your lineup but level 40 Super Rares and 20+ Legendaries could help with that.

Does that lineup up there make sense? It’ll be Ptero, Amph, Herb, Carn, Carn, Ptero, Ptero at above 1600 ferocity. Slightly unbalanced with too many pterosaurs and only 1 herbivore but I can solve that with either another Pelta 11 or I’ll get Ophiacomimus eventually.

But you really don’t need anymore pterosaurs. That will make your battles lean more on one type of creatures which could make it more difficult for you to do battles that you can’t use pterosaurs in (ie against herbivores)

This is where a labarintho could help you. A level 31 would be in your ferocity range
You’ll also need more amphibians

It would be in my ferocity range, true. It would also probably be outside of my price range XD

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Not really, only like 10k dna