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Lineup Help needed by New Player

Yup, I’m doing ptero carn ptero for one of my lineups right now, it’s working wonders.

And when I say Labyrinthosaurus 31 is outside my price range, I don’t just mean DNA (DNA wise, that’s even less than a tapejalosaurus 11), I mean food. Don’t quote me, but I’m pretty sure that it takes less to feed 2 tapes to 10 than 8 labyrinthos to 10 + 4 labyrinthos to 20 + 2 labyrinthos to 30.

In any case, I’m definitely going to be waiting for this tournament’s Predator pack before hard committing to Tapejalosaurus or Ophiacomimus. If I get any amphibian or herbivore out of it I’m instantly going Tape. If I get a pterosaur I’m going Ophiacomimus.

Don’t forget the Monolophosaurus you have to feed first. And Tapejara

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If the opponent’s lead herbivore is strong enough to onetap my Scaphognathus with 813 health and my followup Alanga 31 can’t kill that thing with 477 boosted attack and 3 points, then I wouldn’t have won the match in the first place.

I also have to feed my Labyrinthodontas and Argentinosaurs too. Everything’s at 10 lol

I’m just really eager to get Tape because I think it looks awesome XD

Two herbivore glass canons will end your entire career. One will one tap your scap, if you kill it with your Alanga, the next one will kill you

It costs 10 times more to feed rares. Especially monolophosaurus

Trust me, I’ve dealt with 2 herbivore teams with ptero carn ptero. In fact, I’ve dealt with herbivore-amphibian-herbivore teams which completely counter my setup before. It might take a little more precise play but it’s definitely possible.

I’m guessing you’ve never been in low domi or high pred in a non bracketed tourney before
Half the time they can one tap you with every single one of theyre creatures

Case in point, here. I know this isn’t the best example because those herbivores were pretty weak, but I beat that team super easily. If there’s 2 or more herbivores then Alanga just has a chompfest.

Yes, I’ve been in battles where every one of their dinos oneshot mine and every one of my dinos need like 5-6 points to kill them. That’s just an auto forfeit match. If the match is at all balanced, the opponent either can’t oneshot you or can get 2 or 3tapped. That’s how it is.

Yep that match is not a good example lol. Most times in high pred where I am right now, you’ll see a 900/800 canon, 2600/700 balanced, 3000/500 tank. My ptero carn ptero teams get destroyed

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This isn’t your top lineup… Right?

Imo it looks like a abomination. Only tapejalocephalus looks good.

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I have a few above it but my lineup still isn’that good

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If its getting you dominator wins then that’s the main thing

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The VIPs were getting me more wins solely based on their cooldowns being faster but I still need more top end creatures to fill the gap between my level 10 VIP and level 31+ Legendaries.


If you’ve got alot of sarchosuchus sdna I cant recommend diplosuchus enough very short cooldown and would help to bridge that gap of yours

Been thinking about that since I see a lot of people with lots of Diplosuchus in their lineup. Does the hybrid discount work with super hybrids as well, or do no discounts help with that

Nope doesnt work for sdna, but can be helpful if you dont have diplotator at level 40 for discounted diplotator copies.

If your not in a rush with it I’ve also got about 4 diplotators from modded PvP aswell but to max a diplotator this way would be a lengthy process

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Agreed I think it’s one of the ugliest looking ptera hybrids, that’s the only thing suchoripterus has going for it, looks tons better than that thing.

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Alright, thanks for the help. Will probably do modded PvP for them but might change my mind later

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