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Lineup help

I am also doing indominus Rex

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continue like this and add more legendaries 30 and copies
preferably birds and lizards…

isn’t it unbalance after labyrinthosaurus???
also thank you for your quick answer @Flavio_Camargo :heart: :heart:

@Flavio_Camargo is right. If you start upgrading more legendaries to level 30 you will balance yourself out.

labyrinth = legendary 30 = Vip 10

thank you all for the advice, I am fusing t rex at level 40 and then for indominus rex i am going to put it at level 5 to balance my lineup and then i am going to do what you all told me

i think t rex will consume a lot of food before making the hybrid and in addition you will lose 2 dinos to have only 1…
but if you wanna do it then do it

your right but i already fuse my trex to 40 10 second ago :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

how are your resources? XD

3 millin food,900 dna,4 million coin and 1924 loyalty point,101 bucks

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quick advice here. Go through the last 50 or so videos of thegamingeaver jurassic world the game videos and you should get around 2000 bucks from clicking his free recource links.

really i saw every single video and never saw any bucs reward
thank you :grinning:

There are links in the description…
U get 50 bucks, 50 DNA and 50 lp

Yeah. Tons of free resources for beginners

They should go back for like 40 episodes at least. Just go to description and click on free recourse link

thank you all for your help :heart: :heart:

A small update :innocent:


You need to work on those resources too!

Great job man!! Is this your first indominus? This was such a big moment for me. Once you start unlocking him you will have him maxed before you know it! Also did you ever end up getting the free recourses?

I started doing it and i already use all bucs to speed up trex 40