Lineup help!


I am currently thinking of selling off every Dino I have to trie to rebalance my lineup(except for lvl 10 vips), so should I do it?

No, I would just work to level them up to a higher balance. But I’d sell tapejalocephalus


For the love of God, what is with all those “dino selling” questions lately?? There are so many (more or less) new players who are asking questions whether they should sell their dinos or not.
The answer in ALMOST ALL cases is: NO!
You are all already reading this forum, meaning you already have access to not only the most, but I would say to ALL relevant information about every aspect of JW-TG: Sionsith’s numerous videos (each of them is a small piece of art), Dino spreadsheet, thousands of topics with user experience and answers to all possible questions - so please use that treasure and make plan for your gameplay as it will help you so much more to understand and enjoy the game then if some random person tells you: “yes, sell your top 3 dinos”!
Make your plan, make your short term goals, then try to make also some medium/long term ones and stick to them. If you are a new player, try to HATCH EVERYTHING you can use in battles you engage. Make your own table with Dinos, track their ferocity and focus on leveling all of them around the similar value. Once you feel that the depth of your dinos is satisfactory and you are ready to level up - do it! But stick to your table and your plans.
Then repeat all of that
…and repeat again. And again!
I am not a new player but am still sticking to all what I mentioned above - and also still using my excel table just to be sure I am not doing anything crazy.
No need to make anything fancy, something like this is more than sufficient:


Beautifully said!

The answer is always no. Dinos sell for 50% less of there original cost and you dont get back any DNA used to evolve them into higher levels.

S-Hybrids are the only ones worth selling because of the DNA they yield, or should I say Dimetrocarnus, Spinotasuchus, and Indoraptor. Every other S-Hybrid yields a far worse SDNA to DNA investment.

Work on adding S-Hybrids, work on hatching what you can, evolve and balance one dino at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so forget the expectation that your lineup should be instantly balanced.

Work for the progress you want, and use the guides and resources this community makes to help get there.


Best answer ever. :clap:

You should use it as template for every future question from the category “I’m at level 5 and afraid that my Triceratops ruined my lineup. Suggestions? Should I sell it?”.


I’m wondering if I should sell my level 10 triceratops…kind of unbalanced my level 1 majungasaurus lineup lol :thinking:

My actual reason for posting was because Filip mentioned a spreadsheet and I realized I could share mine that people could make a copy of very easily (google sheets) if they wanted. The ferocity is auto calculated when you enter health and attack and it comes with a graph. If you double tap on column I and “sort z to a” the sheet will update from highest ferocity to lowest.


lol, I’m thinking of selling my lvl 1 tuojiangosaurus, it’s really making my events tough.


Even though its not best to sell Tape, your lineup is unbalanced but you do have some strong support. You can start working on deepening your lineup

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I feel my lineup is unbalanced, thanks for reminding. When I log in again I’ll sell all my rares and commons :joy:


Tips please