Lineup Problems :/

So there were 5 events today: 3 events, boss, and tournament. I did a morning tournament run then threw whatever was left of my lineup into the events, but I had to wait for my lineup cooldown to do the last 3 battles of the weekly events (luckily, my team cooldown’s ~3 hours). I haven’t even touched the boss yet. Is this telling me my lineup is too shallow, or was this just a particularly busy day?

On the other side of the spectrum, I just started hatching the Indo-Rex I got in Gyrosphere. Then I realized that level 1 Indo-Rex is 2177 ferocity, about 170 higher than my Alanga. So then I’m tempted to level up my Peltas and Concave and maybe even fuse my Diplotators to support the Rex, but this would be thinning my lineup even more when today seems to be telling me it needs deepening.

So what gives? Do I just hope that 170 ferocity isn’t enough to offset event difficulty, or do I hope that 5 events won’t pop up in 1 day again?

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Nah, 170 ferocity difference shouldn’t matter much at all, don’t worry about it.


Cool. I love to enjoy in with you guys

Just leave it at level 1

It’s rare that they pile it all on Jurassic. Usually they do a tourney or a challenge on Cenozoic or aquatic

Sometimes you have to pass on a daily challenge. I seldom do that dino bucks challenge as it takes too much of my top dinos to win with very little reward. Get better value from pvp.

Job 1 is unlocking dinos. Boss battle can be done with you garbage dinos for the first day.


fight for funds is really the most difficult but just remember that there is no restriction and you can use any creature and skill and strategy help to balance :v:

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Not a pro … But maybe you should evolve your diplotators to 21+ lvl … as you already have amphibians around the same level and it will give you a good amphibian which might be in your top 3

i think he needs more depth before goes up any creature to the top…

I would start by evolving the super rares to level 40.
postosuchus at level 40 would be very useful for his top…


Yeah but he is gonna have an indominus hatch… And to just balance the lineup sort off maybe getting a Diplo lvl 20+ might help … as I said … that’s what I’d do so … :man_shrugging:t2:

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diplotator is expensive postosuchus it’s cheap and strong 400 damage at level 40…
and also has kaprosuchus and metriorhynchus…

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He already has two level 20 that he can evolve whereas he’ll need to hatch 6 off the postosuchus

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not a problem…
the two diplotators are in cooldown, so if he merge the two he will have only one to use = less depth = events more hard…

and also if he can wait a week for an indominus then postosuchus is nothing.

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Yes it is the event for the happy Halloween day and it is today

I was actually considering Diplo 21 a few days ago, decided against it because as it is right now both Diplos are in my top lineup and merging them would also increase cooldown by a lot.

I can go Posto if you think it helps… Definitely want to wait a few days to stock up my food though


I told you to grind modded pvp but you don’t do. I have gotten enough to max 2 diplotators from modded. You are hurting yourself by not giving it a consideration…

Bro. Did you forget my modded PVP prize wheel? I’ve literally had better luck on Cenozoic vs Land than modded PVP. At least Cenozoic vs Land gives me like 200 DB and 350 DNA, all modded PVP has given me so far are s-DNA.


Dude i carve for s-dna. I will show you something in some days which will make you go for modded pvp everyday…

I’ll go for modded PVP when I need s-DNA more than DB and DNA. Right now, I do not.


this is the problem of the newer players … they start by placing creatures very OP and forget to evolve the creatures that really need…

Is it actually better to go for Kapro 40 instead? Since I’ve already got 4 or 5 Kapros ready to go.

I don’t know if I necessarily want a tank for my top Amphibian though… Posto stats probably look a lot better for this