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Lineup rating

Hi, what you say on my line up?
Started on November 2nd 2019 VIP from beginning, not a first account, experienced player

Continuing the discussion from Post your lineups here so i can rank them!:

Also, I have Omega 09 lvl 30

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Great stuff, really like your aquatic lineup

Veery good and deep

Thx I am using VIPs as a numerous backup to have enough creatures for events but now I lost one of my two Liopleurodon, as Hybrid is now creating in the lab. And even I made second one just for hybrid, I will miss him as it’s my fav creature😂

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Your aquatics are definitely fine! I like that you actually invest dna into them, those hybrids are not cheap.
The jurassic bench could be a bit deeper to my taste. You could add some shybrids, maybe?

Which ones?

Update aquatic lineup by this boy

Hehe boy…

Yep I have boys, only girl will be titanoboa, bec i nicknamed her “Emily” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Therizino2.0 Here are my three lineups you requested. I figured this would be a good thread to put them in. Anything after the cutoff is level 10 VIPs and below (I included them in the aquatics though since I already made those screenshots).


Omg that depth is insane :joy:

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Also your ceno lineup is absolutely solid, ready for the ceno tournament which is hopefully coming soon :crossed_fingers:

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Yes, I hope so. I didn’t add the Woolly Mammoths yet like I wanted to. I think I’ll use my instant hatches for those once I’m done with aquatics.

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Maybe you could raise your top ferocity a bit?
Your depth is insane!

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Yes, I’m planning to, but I’m working on aquatics right now. I’m also working on getting more amphibians. Right now my Diplosuchus dominate my amphibian lineup. I’m trying to get more Ostaposaurus and hopefully Gorgosuchus if this CoT works out.

Insane depth Bandeezee! Thanks also.

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