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Lineup Screen Lagging

The lag is still persistent, I’m just wondering if support has looked into the ads slowing down players games or do they still think it’s an issue with everyones hardware?


not sure… on my old phone i had negative fps but now that i have a new one its not that bad only the loading screen is occasionally laggy, then its fine
Oh and on my old phone adds made it faster (cd, hatchery, etc’


Well my loading screen is fine, that’s a separate issue, I’m talking about the issue affecting players on this thread which is specifically to do with ads regardless of how new or old a phone is.

This is affecting players with newer models and I know for 100 percent certainty it is to do with specific ads.


I’m not really sure then… sry
Maybe it’s something to do with other games on the device? I only use my phone for texting and jwtg


It’s a qol issue for players so may be it’s not a priority for them.
I used to play clash of clans , we never faced such issues there. And if there was such a problem they would do emergency maintenance to fix them. You wouldn’t be able play for an hour or two but it was worth it. I was always angry why it took so much time. Now i miss them.


This exactly happened with me on my Huawei Mat 9

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