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Lineup Tips?

I’m still fairly new to the game after having to restart my progress but these are my highest level cards so far. Is the current team I’m running decent or should I swap any out for any of the other dinos? I’m currently in the Mt. Sibo arena and I win most fights but I can’t even compete against some dinos I go up against sometimes.

I would recommend swapping Compy Gen 2 for Carbonemys. This gets you a resilient that is a really good tank. Also upgrade Rexy to 12. If you can, try to have your alliance or raiding discord help you get some Smilonemys and Grypo is you can get Marsupial lion to 10 for Grypo. If you aren’t in a raid server and want to enter a discord server, I can find one.


I’d recommend leveling up Dodo and then gunning it for Dodocevia. That thing is pretty good, and would be a great replacement for Compy G2.

Other than that, Carbo seems like a good addition as a resilient. Very annoying to fight, and it’s basically impossible to deal with without Piercing moves.

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You got a good start there. Your team is fierce and cunning heavy currently. I suggest getting 2 resilient class creatures in there. As @Cheeseeater said, carbo is pretty good. And Bumpy may not be a bad choice either. You an get her dna this month from completing all daily mission tasks per day.


I forgot Bumpy was this months dna. But I agree, it would help.

I would love to join a raid discord and alliance, my current alliance is fairly inactive and no one seems to raid. If you can provide any discord link that would be amazing. Thanks for your help!

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Will do. Let me grab the link. I’ll DM you.

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Sent it. Hopefully we can get you into one of our alliances!