Is it good or meh?


IMHO we don’t see much of your lineup. We just see your top8/9 dinos.
What i can see, there is not much depth in your Lineup. Your number 1 has about 3000 ferocity and your alanga about 2000. So a big jump from 1 to 8.

If you beat this Rex team with Nundago, Diplotator and an extra dino for good measure, you will have a problem with more carnos in the next fight.

My recommendation would be, to get more dinos at lvl of Ophiacomimus. Maybe around 20 dinos.
But i am new to the game (playing since end of last year).


We can see more of your dinos now.
The problems in your lineups i mentioned before are still the same.
Your need more dinos of the similar strenght to Ophiacomimus. Build up those dinos befor you breed and fuse stronger dinos. It will help you beating every daily event.

Otherwise it might happen, that you can’t handle those events without spending Dinobucks.

Which Dinos do I get that have the similar stats to my Number 1?

That depends a lot on what you have unlocked. Here is a spreadsheet i use. It was made by another user in the forum @Mary_Jo.

The last tab is very hellpful for your case. You can find your best dino in it. And than look at dinos in that range. For instance look at this Screenshot of the spreadsheat. Look for what you have unlocked an get those dinos.

You can get multiples of one type as well, it will help you later. For instance a second nundago or diplo are not bad, you can fuse them later if get to a higher ferocity. Spinoraptor at lvl 20 you could get 4 copies. Later you can fuse them to one, and use for the superhybrid. (But only in a far future.)

pretty good
I would reall add more carni, level 1 indo is very good for you