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Link Accounts On Different Devices

I wanted to download JWA on my ipad to play when my phone is dead, it’s a samsung galaxy s8+. I download the app, and get through the tutorials at the beginning, but I can’t log out of the game. I want to connect it to my main account but can’t figure out how to.There is no log out option. I don’t want to connect it to facebook incase I loose my progress.

It’s crazy that we don’t have a way to connect to a gmail account on iPhone.

Hey there @Qiew, our support team would be glad to help you out with that! Reach out to them at and they’ll do everything they can in order to help. You might need to have a copy of the Support Key on both devices, so be sure to have those on hand or include them in your original email. Thanks!


Thanks @Ned. I’ll reach out.

Where is the love for John, he helps too :frowning:


They were able to link the account to my Ipad account. I was told by support that it would not delete my google account and i’d be able to play the same account on both devices. However, since it is now on the Ipad, the google account is gone and is making me start a new game.

I had a Galaxy S8 and my original account was on that phone. When I switched to an iPhone, I had to start all over again and lost everything I had previously done. I was told that I was able to link my account to Game Center, but there was no way to link it to a Google account. Kinda sucks there is no login/logout option.

I was told i’d be able to use facebook, but on my phone, it gave me a new game under facebook, so i couldn’t log in. Hoping support gets back soon. I’d rather just reverse this if it’s not gonna work out. At least i still have my main account that was transferred over, so i can still play on wifi. :pensive: