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Linking Facebook account with Google Play Games


I have a rather specific problem, I have made a new primary e-mail address.
I deleted my old e-mail.

Now that deleted my old google play games account.

My problem is, my jwa is linked to my Facebook, which got relinked with my new e-mail. This got sorted.

However jwa made a new account with my new e-mail, and now it thinks the two accounts are separate.

Can I please get my facebook jwa credentials linked to my google play games? Because the problem right now is I have two jwa login credentials, one of which I didn’t even want to make.

It would be crucial because if I ever want to delete my facebook account, I cannot because it is unlinked to my google now.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I can provide all necessary info if needed.

Hello Raven. If you directly email our team at, they might be able to do something about this. I recommend providing as much account info as you can. Thanks!

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Hi Davy!

Much appreciated, I will do so tomorrow :blue_heart:

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