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Lions prowl

From what I understand, prowl also cleanses, but didn’t cleanse dot yesterday.
Is there something I’m missing?

Maybe it should. Or maybe cleanse is just distraction.

Idk, when they say cleanse I immediately think in Indo, and Indo cleanses everything

I looked it up in the notes. Prowl is Prowl I believe.

It claims to at least cleanses distraction and slow.

Nothing actually appears on screen when using it. I will get multiple chances to cleanse ailments in the tournament. At least I’ll find out what it does.

You’re a genius dude, thanks!

I reported the bug.

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Yea I just noticed this too, Prowl didn’t cleanse the dot. And that’s what cleanse does. If it isn’t intended to act like regular cleanse then they should say that.

It doesn’t cleanse anything. There is no cleanse phase.

what? are you for real? ludia being ludia

That’s the point…

I’ve not had anyone out a DoT on my Marsupial so I have t been able to test. But given it says Cleanse and not Cleanse Distraction tells me it should remove bleeds, like Indoraptor!

If it doesn’t it’s either an incorrect tooltip, or more likely given all the problems associated with 1.7, a BUG!

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As far as I can tell Dodge does not work with smilodon, I have used it at least 20 times now with 0 successful dodges.

Dodge is iffy for a lot of us.

My procerathom seems to have forgotten how to dodge all together. :wink:

Its funny when I go up against another dodger that actually dodges. Then I’m left yelling at my screen to my Procerthom… “See…that’s how you do it, you useless bird!” Lol :smiley:


I think they fixed this with the latest patch, it did cleanse DoT yesterday. Dodge also works but not that often :frowning: