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List of all Alliance Mission Rewards and DNA by Rank and Player Level

Hey Everyone! So with all the changes to the alliance mission ranks and DNA received based on player level and rank achieved, we actually figured out what ALL of those are (including images :wink:). Check it out!


Much appreciated, particularly the mission requirements!

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Amazing breakdown! Thx!

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What was the old level 5 amount of epic DNA? I thought it was more than 600 (I am a level 20 player)

it was 500. Now its 615

Oh good, I am always worried Ludia is trying to make things less rewarding. Only because they have a history of doing that lol

Very interesting. Sounds easy on paper. The execution is where it counts I suppose.

Thanks for this! I had no idea it got changed. I personally find the coordination of Alliance more of a chore than fun. Darting, battles, powering up dinos, are all fairly fun. But alliance stuff stresses me out. So I dont like when it says alliances need to communicate more now than ever, boo to that

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This is somewhat of a pleasant surprise outside of the lower level stuff which im 100% against.

Have to say though… how many more ways are they gonna push alliances to break the tos… in order to achieve these goals. And by breaking tos i mean the whole part where your not supposed to be mentioning third party apps or sites to the extent broken chat wont even let you type discord. But chat is still broken and thus third party apps are the means to the ends of cordinating efforts for alliances.

Its like Ludia looks at chat and says we dont need to communicate why should they


Awesome, thank you

Very interesting. Thank you very much for the information !!!

As a curiosity, in our alliance we now have less “shot darts” than “Right darts in the center” … does anyone think of how it is possible? :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!

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Direkt hits doesn’t count anymore for shooting darts? WTH

There is a bug with the dart mission on rank 3. Check out the other post linked above.

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They’ve fixed the dart bug; restart your game and darts will count again.

According to GP post, we should get spin 900 Supply Drops in Rank 5 right? Then, I’m not sure why my Alliance is getting it for Rank 4 instead.

I might need to edit the image for clarification. Because “rank 1” is actually the qualifying rank. So basically the image shows what you need to do to get to that rank. So if you are on “rank 4” in game you are actually working towards rank 5 and the image should be correct in that. If that makes sense.

Thanks for the clarifications…:+1:

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