List of bugs (3/31)

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Bug Description: various

Area is was found in: various

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How often does it happen: always/most times

What type of device are you using: IPhone X

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  1. while in a car moving, when clicking on supply drops and dinos it often re-zooms back out to the map. It causes a lot of missed encounters
  2. often in strike towers one or two attack buttons are missing
  3. when landing the killing blow with Definte Shield Advantage for Geminititan, the shield disappears for the next dinos first attack
  4. all of my friends and recent opponents display zero trophies (except if they’re ranked in recent opponents. Then it shows trophy count). Count does appear under alliance tab though
  5. sometimes when reopening app after being in another app: objects are clickable, can zoom in and out but cannot rotate field of view
  6. still numerous chat bugs

If you go first, that is not a glitch. It has been like that always, but not only with definite shield advantage. It is with every shielding move.

I guess I forgot about the shielding move… been since the stegadeus days since I’ve used an offensive shield move consistently.

To add to my list

  1. When minimizing the app and reopening it sometimes clicking on the battle icon freezes the game