List of bugs VERY annoying paying customer


First I’ve written support.

But a battle had timed out so I clicked an incubator to open it, right as I used $79 to open it in game the battle starts I lose the incubator and the money.

Second I was just in an arena 4 battle, the score was 2 and 2, I used a stun on a raptor and the raptor was stunned it should have been my turn again, the game then ended and the other played won with a stunned raptor while my epic was still standing!

Third I had 1 slot open, so I played another game, I won the game, at the end it said all slots full, did not give me the incubator I checked and my slots were not all full, how could they be I just lost to a stunned not dead raptor. I logged out and back in again and then some random incubator showed up.

This game is even more buggy since the “update” stubs are not working right at all, the time out is NOT WORKING RIGHT. I’ve now lost MY OWN money due to the time out bug.

Please get back to my request for support and refund my in game money. I have been waiting almost a week now.


Hey Susan_Sveva_Justice, I’m sorry about the delay from our support team, they’ve been getting a lot more tickets than anticipated, but they’re working as quickly as possible to get to everyone who needs assistance. I’ve heard similar mentions of these issues you are having from the forums and our team have been made aware of this. If you email them with some more information and screenshots on these issues, it’ll help with the investigation. Make sure to send this information after our team has contacted you or it can reset your position in their queue.


I don’t have a screen shot of this it all happens so quick!