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List of clans

How can we see the list of clans and its pontuation?

What are you asking for?

What is pontuation?

You want to see a list of clans while in the game?

Or you just want to see a list of clans… which you can do by going to the Clan Recruitment subsection of the Titan Uprising forums.

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The individual list of clans order by their power

I don’t think it would be wise to post a list of the top clans.

If you are looking to join a clan, then I recommend you make a post under the Clan Recruitment section.

If you want additional info then you are welcome to send me a Private Message.

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I have my own clan.

And I fell the need of for data about what’s happening with the other fellow clans. Beside the need if manage better my own clan.

Your answer was limited and futile. It didn’t bring nothing new to the question I’ve placed!

So I’ll place it again: when a list of the clans and their global power (meaning for less smart persons, the global achivment of the alpha fights or something equivalent)

If you need people woth ideas and capable of make the game grow and be mote profitable LUDIa may contract me

Best regards


@Tdragon, @CaptWacky offered to help you- and in numerous ways.

Slapping that hand down was unnecessary, as was your derision. Your original post was vague, and used a word that, to the best of my knowledge, does not actually exist in the English language. There’s nothing wrong with there being a bit of a barrier, it happens. Just know that there might be a bit of a misunderstanding when there is one, and some further dialog will, more often than not, be needed to get one’s point across. There’s no need to bite at the one hand that actually offered to feed you.

But I can promise you, you can be the most talented person in the world and you will not get far at all if you cannot treat others with respect. This kind of behavior is extremely unprofessional, at best.


Dear Capt. Wacky and Mysterious,

I’ve read the comment placed by myst. and I have to agree that my answer could be less adjusted to the context. Thank you for call my attention for this fact.

For this I should present apologies to both!

Your sincerely,


The apology isn’t really mine to accept so much as it is @CaptWacky’s, but I’ll still thank you for it. It’s not something you see often these days, and is something, I think, to be a very positive step in the right direction in general.

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No worries.

If you need additional information feel free to send me a Private Message.

Take Care