List of counters?

Hi. I know there are a lot of helpful sites and pages. Are there any that list good/best counters for certain Dinosaurs? I am still fairly new (just under 2 months) and the battling has gotten a lot more challenging but still fun. I recently made it to Sorna Marshes and am battling a lot of Tragodist and Stegodeus. I don’t have either yet but should have Stegodeus within a day or 2. Just not sure how to handle all these new to me dino’s. Here is what I’m currently using on my team, I’ve stayed in Sorna for 2 days now but not sure how long I’ll last lol.

Postimetrodon/Tryostronix do really good against them

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I would add to this when low on optimal tank busters a Stegod played correctly can drag another Stegod down or even win at a lower level.

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Allosaurus is great against those 2. It destroys armor and shields.

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T. Rex. You need a T. Rex.

An epic T. Rex can chomp down a Stegodeus 3 levels above it.

Against Tragobeachtis, Postdimetrodon is the best.