List of dinos with difficult/impossible darting (for Ludia to consider)

I’ve seen many people complaining about darting so it really needs to be addressed. They gives us tons of DNA that we don’t need in incubators… fine, but they shouldn’t make darting super annoying and hard for God’s sake!

It’s already difficult as it is with reduced spawn rate of rare/epic dinos so I really don’t want to struggle to get a decent amount of DNA when we are lucky enough to spot any. Today I was darting T-rex and with VIP I only got 59 DNA because it was moving fast and jumping like a rabbit!!! A few more times like this and I will cancel my VIP because it really doesn’t make much difference.

Below is a list for Ludia to consider. Hopefully they can improve it.

  1. T-rex
  2. Nodopatosaurus
  3. Majundasuchus

Feel free to add any to the above list.


Yes this hybrid is only available in event, but just want to mention it here.
Possibly the second hard target for darting.

And the most difficult one is I-raptor. It will even glitch and stop you from more darting.


I hate it when the target appears in the tail.


Sinoceratops! Could be because of the rush of anxiety when I encounter him, but the tiny dot and lots of circling, ugh!

What really takes the biscuit is waiting so long to find the creature, to actually hit it with darts and collect enough DNA to make a hybrid only to repeatedly get 10 flipping hybrid-DNA when adding DNA for hybrids. This game’s RNG is stacked against you, and a constant source of frustration for many reasons.


I don’t see t rex very often and yesterday there he was at the edge of my radar with no way to get closer. I didn’t do great at all but just enough for one fuse. I almost dropped the phone when I got the 40 I needed. I can finally start working on i raptor which might take a long, long time.

Coupled with rarity and a reduced max DNA based upon that rarity these animals are rarer than they should be. They are already rare enough in the wild that making it harder to get DNA from them is unnecessary.

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Yeah well both Rexy’s hybrids are a bit pap anyway (not worth the effort), far too dependent on RNG for competitive battling :wink:

Exactly. It’s very unnecessary and it pushes people away from the game too.

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Spino gen 2, ancylodon, alankylosaur <- this one is a nightmare