List of dinosaurs


Is there a page that has a list of all released dinosaurs listed by strongest to weakest?


Unlike pogo you don’t have ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ dinosaurs in JWA. Currently the strongest ones are the ones that outlevel your dinosaurs. The next strongest ones are those that counter your dinosaurs. A speedy dinosaur gets countered by slowing impact or stuns. High damage dinosaurs get countered by DMG reductions or also stuns, armor, health or even speed.

Debuff dinosaurs get countered by… Stuns (its very versatile), immunity or cleanse.
Stuns get countered by immunity.

I hope you get the idea, as example i have one of my own: my level 16 dilo ‘slaughters’ level 20 damage dealers simply because it has damage reduction. Thats how you will win high level fights, even if you’re being outleveled.


We have lists on diskord group this is last one updated today . On the left are the best ones for battle team


Awesome thanks so much!


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Thanks and what about the yellow meaning.


What do the Colors mean?