List of Issues?

There is a list of issues that needs to be addressed. The first issue that needs to be addressed is the Randomness that is Battle Mode (PvP). In most Adventures a party would consist of a Tank, Healer, DPS, and AoE or Crowd Control. Battle Mode/PvP takes that basic concept away. Leaving everyone with the following list of issues:

(I understand that “The BIGGEST” Obstacle to overcome would be the Pay to Play vs. Free to Play, but this post will focus more on the other unfair obstacles that we face in Battle Mode as players)

Obstacles like:

  1. No healer vs. 2 healers, this is a HUGE obstacle to overcome. Especially when the 2 healer party has a Tank and DPS.

An answer to this would be allowing us to choose our party?

  1. Revives, especially when you have to overcome 2 Revives. That now becomes a 6 vs. 4 situation that is again, a HUGE obstacle to overcome.

An answer to this is allowing players to choose when to use revive? or taking away that feature in battle mode, or giving that feature to healerless party’s?

  1. Party member levels, is a HUGE obstacle to overcome. It was disheartening as a lower level party, that did little to no damage vs. a higher level party. It felt the same as a higher level party facing a lower level party that did little to no damage. At a lower level, I left the game for a few months. At a higher level, I hoped that other players didn’t think about quitting.

I’m not sure that there is an answer to this?

  1. Gear distribution randomness creates another HUGE obstacle to overcome. While some are lucky to get larger amounts of cards that they need to help level their gear, others aren’t so lucky. With that being said… this is not about a players Pay to Play gear, it’s about the randomness of the increase.

An answer to this would be passing out the same increases according to the players continued time, work, and advancement.

If anyone wants to add to this, please do…

Just my 2 cents
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