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List of Joppa bug / interaction bug

The rare spear random dispel target dispel trigger the warlock reflect damage I haven’t tested it yet but I guess it would trigger nayeli critical failure debuff but not sure.

The leg that make an attack when they hit warlock with reflect damage doesn’t damage you.

And happened to me twice now but the luck common item can still miss. Is it intended? The kill item wasn’t resisted it just missed.

That what I noticed so far

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Just had another bug Joppa rare spear hit nayeli with reflect damage and deathward the dispel proc

I end up killing nayeli the deathward still trigger the reflect damage also killed me

So far the dispel seam to be after the attack complete resolve and before a counterattack

I’m still surprise the deathward worked

The effect happens on dmg, so the order is right imho. It’s not cleanse then dmg, is dmg then cleanse.

Just like shev’s disintegrate, the quivering palm is an attack, so yes it can just straight up miss.