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Lit Up is Recruiting

Interested in joining an active Guild? Check us out. We’re looking for Daily players who want to help each other out and have fun along the way. You must be active in Rallies, Raids, Battle and Donations. Guild events will require minimum double digit clears to hold your spot. Discord available for screenshots, gear discussions, strategies and general chat. If you play multiple times a day, we’d like to have you. Search Lit Up in the Guild tab and I look forward to seeing you in the dungeons. Thanks.


Lit Up just finished top 10 in this last raid and got our Silverhand weapons!

With just 30 members, we’re kicking… well, you know. We hope to extend that opportunity and expand our team.

Interested in joining an active top tier guild with room?

Do you play daily?

Do you do the most you can everytime?

Even though you probably go for it all…

Can you (at least) do 45 rooms in each rally?

60 rooms in each raid?

And maintain an in guild donation score of 1500+ and be somewhere where others are like-minded?

If you answered H*** yeah! Then please apply!

Thank you!

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I would like to join how do i connect with you guys. I meet all the requirements listed.

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Search Guilds and look for Lit Up. We’d be glad to have you.

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When I started this game and got to finally join a guild, I was very disappointed by how quiet it was and how inactive. Nobody was saying anything; nobody was doing anything; nobody was donating anything. So I left and joined Lit Up! Wow what a difference. Like night and day. People are active and communicate! We are friendly and competitive internally and competitive globally. We put up regular requests and they get filled up quickly. If your current guild is stagnant, and you want to give as much as you get, come try us out. And if it’s what you want, and you are a team player, stay.

Minimum requirements:
Maintain a donation score of 1500+ at all times
Participate in Guild rallies and clear 45 rooms or more each time
Participate In guild raids and clear 60 rooms or more each time

*We can be flexible on these for new players as long as there is good effort, communication, and clear progressIon in these areas.

I am guessing one of those numbers was rallies and one was raids. May want to clarify that.

Hello LonesomePixel,

Yes you are correct! Thank you for bringing my error to attention. I have edited it and it should be correct now.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance, if you have questions, or if you find any more!



We’re still looking for highly competitive people to continue our run to the top. Last Raid we placed 7th with the top 12 doing 175+ rooms. If you like to beat your Guild mates as much as you like crushing other Guilds, we have a place for you. We have a Discord channel for chat and screenshots to help. We also discuss other interest or MMOs you may play. If you want to be part of a growing group and can keep up, look us up

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Active long time gamer looking to join

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@Travakal Search the Guilds for Lit Up and send a request to join. Think @Slanted_Skew is asleep currently but is very active and will see it within a few hours!