Literally hate this game right now


I love catching dinos doing strike events, collecting dinos etc. Lvling them is opposite, ridiciulus amounts of coins to lvl up dinos makes me sick arenas though is what make me wanna deinstall this game, its real pain in the ass, i’m stuck im sorna marshes for 3 months already? Maybe more, had about 3200-3500 trophies for all this time, when i won 2-3 battles i immediately lose another 5 so this is 1 tiny step forward and then gigantic loop backward. I just had 3700 trophies and i though "wow finaly im moving forward, this is my highest score ever, and then lost 5 in a row and i’m back at 3500. And btw when i see stegodeus, this op crap (i have it because its easiest legendary to obtain, and Ludia told us that easier legendaries (epic + common) should be weaker than (epic + epic) well i dont see it :slight_smile: stegodeus, monomimus, tragodistis) i wanna throw my phone. I dont want to pay hundreds od dollars to have progress in this game…


Simple solution. Just stop battling.


Yeah, if grinding is out of the question for you, then to get what others have grinded for for a long time, you have to pay. Sorry.


Why keep nerf dino, they should buff their counter not the op dino.


There’s no good reason at the moment to try to grind high in the arena. If you need incubators, just drop down a few hundred and climb back up. I like using weird teams as i climb. All longnecks, all raptors, that sorta thing.


Sry…i am at the same spot as you.But at 4100-4400 for over 2 months…lots of times i want to smash my phone…me either i want to be at Lockdown arena or at the fliers arena…but i can’t…then i realized something…that maybe i belong here,i am not strong enough to be at the above arenas.Same must be with you,you haven’t stack in Sorna Marshes…may you just belong there.


I’m mid Sorna currently too. It’s around two weeks now, since I landed in Sorna.
It also depends when you battle. I see that at some parts of day is easier to battle. Also I have problems if i have to battle for incubator(s).

Stegodeus isn’t OP, it’s tough, but beatable. Also depends if opponent know how to use it. Even Indominus can beat it (without shield Stegodeus is easy to beat). Tragodistis is great counter to Stegodeus (if invincibility shield work normally).
Usually it takes two dinos to beat Stegodeus though.

EDIT: Most important is to keep grinding, creating hybrids and evolving your best dinos.


True. I am between 4200 to 4500 for a long time and thought my dinos belong there but then again after facing level 27 dinos here, you’d think twice.


You got roasted by Astroy!


Seems like you are at the level you need to be. Win a few, opponents get tougher. Lose a few, they get easier. At some point everyone ends up at an equilibrium point where they win/lose 50% of the time. I haven’t seen a new level in 2 months. It’s just background anyway.


I’m was the same boat, stuck in the same arena, same 1-step-forward-3-steps-back dance.

I got fed up, so I deliberately went down to 1500 trophies and made a team out of my low level dinos. It’s only been a day, but it’s been a lot more fun battling. I’m using random low level dinos from my collection (not a lot are under level 10, so that’s been a fun challenge). Then I end up facing a variety of different dinos and have to actually think about the best strategy to make use of the team I’ve got v the dino they’ve come out with (because suddenly the teams aren’t made up of the same 8-10 dinos).

I’m actually looking forward to battles now, rather than struggling through for the sake of an incubator.


Thank you for being someone who said how can I make this fun rather than talk about how broken the game is. I bet youre experience with the more random selection will improve your overall strategy as well


Everyone is upset if we lose the battle right? But its normal, its a game. I’m almost 3/4 to level 16, from 4100-4300… I feel bad when I lose the game esp when level 12-13 beaten me.
You have to know your resources, assets and how you can level them up continously. Hitting the dinos as direct hit, hunting as many as you could and be a VIP and purchase when necessary. Theres a lot of ways to do it. Know your dinosaurs very well. Use your coins wisely. If u lose few times, take a break. Its all about the system… I am not a pro here but I just enjoy the game. If you ask if I play a lot, yes I do LOL… Cheers!!


show your team.


  • level up your dino.
  • look for trend in your past battle
  • formulate new team
  • strategize which dino go first, which dino need as punching bag.
  • focus level up some tanks (Stegoceratops, Monostegostep, trago)
  • copy higher trophy player line up

I hope this could give you some insights.


i agree… When so many people complains about Stegodeus specifically, it means that something is wrong with it indeed… It may not be OP compared to other legendaries in other Arenas, but it really IS OP in Sorna Marshes… It can take out even armor breaking heavy hitters, that supposedly should be a counter for tanks, and still be able to do some serious damage to the next dino… And it’s too freaking common! You may battle for hours and see it in 90% of the teams you face…


Wow, that’s unlucky, considering that the game picks 4 out of 8 of your opponent’s dinos randomly.


Yes but you know it’s the same RNG that made their opponent’s indominus/monominus/indoraptor/ornithominus dodge 100% of the time while theirs is dodging about 10% of the time. And of course opponents always stun 3 times in a row with any dino. I’m not surprised their opponents have their stegodeus 90% of the time too


Happens to me too. I get so upset and frustrated. I hate that it’s happening to you, but I am glad to know I’m not the only one. Thanks for sharing.