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Little guide for the RELU tournament at the end of March

Creatures to use for the upcoming rare through unique tournament: a short guide.

The occasional unique tournament is coming up, and there are many different creatures to choose from. While there are many options, not all are the best. So let’s go over some. (This is hybrids only fyi)

First up not everyone has uniques and some are beginners relatively, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lack of early good creatures. For a rares, the best 3 options are going to probably be suchotator , purrolyth , and eniasuchus . They are easy to make and are pretty strong and can serve you well. But unfortunately you can’t make a team with only rare hybrids, so you’ll need some epics. Sarcorixis is a darn good epic and something to watch out for. Another strong epic and probably next in line is thylacotator . This guy has some synergy with swap-in distraction as well as a deadly moveset to back it up. Other really strong epics include brontolasmus , entelochops , indom gen 2 , and ankylodicurus .

Now onto the legendaries. For lower players that don’t have that much, an instant magnet is going to be monolometrodon . It’s got a good moveset and some strong matchups to match. High damage and synergy makes this guy a deadly threat. A legendary that will be VERY popular is Dracoceratops . Dracocera is the 2nd best swapper out there able to take chunks out of everything it swaps in on. This legendary is probably the BEST legendary in the game at the moment. Mammotherium is mammolania as a glass cannon and can pack a punch. Do not overlook this tank. And being a decently easy raid, it is a great option for those who don’t have as much. Allosinosaurus is a tanky chomper and is something that cannot be underestimated. Good bulk and great output. If you need a chomper as a lower down player, this is your creature. Another suggestion for those who are lower down could be smilocephalosaurus if they lack smilonemyes. Good speed, synergy, and a great turn 1. Don’t underestimate it. The last couple creatures I’d recommend from the legendary category are eremoceros , who is an interesting creature that I personally would like to test more. Phorasaura is pretty obvious: Instant rampage. Tryostronix has some good matchups with RTC and rampage, but some RNG is involved. Lastly I’d recommend monostegotops if you do not have monolorhino.

Now we get into the uniques, and this is where it gets hard, as in hard to choose. While you may be thinking, choose gem, tryko, monolorhino, and so on, it’s not that simple. Like Geminititan can be put on the bench and your team can still compete and even benefit. Is gem a creature to consider, oh absolutely. 100%. Is it required to do well, not really. Another creature like this is diorajasaur . While it excels in many scenarios, if they draw grypolyth, it’s screwed. Done for. Speaking of Grypolyth , while it can shut dio down and be a good closer, it doesn’t really excel in much outside of dio and can be dispatched easily thanks to the low speed and the new regeneration nerf. A unique to 100% use no questions asked if you have it is Monolorhino . Best swap-in in the game and a solid creature by itself, this guy is something to fear. It can handle many situations and can finish off anything under 1250 hp. Another creature that I would highly highly recommend people use is Trykosaurus . Great kit and stats and can do well in almost any scenario, and it also does well with swappers as usually everything is in range of DC or rhino after turn 1. You will want some speed on your team, and there’s no better speedster than Erlikospyx . Spyx can deal a whopping 6000 in 2 turns on revenge, and without magnus or hadros to push it around, it’ll be something to fear. If anyone want big damage though, look no further than Tenontorex . You got a slow creature with distracting impact, meaning your second big hit will do less damage usually. You’re faster? Not with resilient strike you ain’t. And now for the big ticket: that 3800 DSR is terrifying. Oh, and to top it off, it can also regenerate 1900 hp, which is more than a monolorhino impact, so yeah this is definitely one to consider. Now onto some other uniques that you can use that will serve you well:

  • While not as good erlikospyx, magnapyritor and Quetzorion are other good speedsters, but each suffers from issues like vulnerability to swappers or poor turn 1 or it’s just not as defensive. But in a vacuum they are great 1v1 creatures.
  • Mammolania is the bulkiest creature in JWA history, and it has good output to help back it up with a wonderful 4500 in 2 turns. If you have an armored creature that can pierce armor in return, mammolania will struggle against it.
  • Ardentismaxima is a good creature, but skip it if you have gem on the team, as the perks max has over gem is very limited and almost negligible.
  • Smilonemyes is a great synergizer with a swap-in and rampage and run. It also has amazing bulk and decent output, as well as some good immunities too.
  • Utarhinex is like smilo but offensive with high output and rampage and run as well. Running into a rhino is going to be pain and suffering for everything and anything.
  • Testacornibus is another creature to consider, but it can be tricky to use and begins to fall off eventually compared to something like smilo. But if you need to punish swappers, this is your go-to
  • Antarctovenator is probably the last one here, and is very interesting. People underestimate this little guy, but he can make a big dent in a team. You throw it at anything, and it will perform decent at worst. It has an answer to pretty much everything

Now there are creatures that you should AVOID in this tournament. There can be many reasons as to why, but you should avoid them nonetheless UNLESS you have nothing better to use. If that’s the case, then use them

  • Thorasolosaur is a worse allosinosaurus and is outclassed by trykosaurus as well. If you have thor, use allosino.
  • Alloraptor is another popular choice that I see. Guess what, they all die pretty quickly. While alloraptor is a glass cannon, you shouldn’t include creatures that get 1-shot on your team. Also the thing is swap-in bait.
  • Dilorachirus and Tuoromoloch are creatures made for raids. Don’t use them here.
  • Erlidominus is like alloraptor, except it hits harder, is bulkier, but it can be slowed
  • This last one is a category of creatures, but Bleeders aren’t too great. Apart from thylacotator, bleed isn’t that relevant and should not be used (Unless you are a lower level player. Then use stuff like suchotator).

The prizes for the last week in March are pretty good and this also allows us to get more monolorhino DNA, so I hope everyone the best and to have a good time.


Why did I not see that coming.

But, I do recommend giving alloraptor and erlidom a try. They will help a lot until you get to the top, where they will begin to fall off. There are better options, of course, but they shouldn’t be entirely ruled out.

I would highly discourage it in favor of something a bit more viable like spyx or smilonemyes

Spyx yes, nemys… maybe?

Smilonemyes is better than erlidom by a lot. Especially unboosted

Basically how everyone is gonna go in

Insert favorite or personal creature into that one remaining slot.

I would say spyx over mags. But yeah kinda

The thing is mags is way better ya just countering resilients, spxs is gonna be very situational and mostly be used for revenge killings and maybe as a counter to mags

Spyx is not even close to being situational lol. You’re highly understimating it

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Plus it easy rat bait and considering 5/ 7 unique tyrants do very well or beat it it’s not in a good position.

Depends in arena it has the benefit of boosts, here not so much. It’s possible double rampage and always available distraction is good. But again resilient meta, most creatures have armor or shields. And think of it this way since thor is no longer a problem a lot of people are just gonna use more resilient creatures there by putting spxs in a very bad position where 9/10 it’s probably gonna face a resilient creature. Mostly it will rely on its health and attack more than anything to get a good chunk of damage of. And it will probably be used to counter mags and Monolometrodon but again that really the only thing it’s gonna really counter rest are very situational.

I’m not saying it’s bad I mean it’s in tyrant for a reason but this tournament specifically is gonna show how overwhelming resilient creatures are. I was planning on using rinex but after careful considering its just gonna be really bad and not gonna have much to counter. I’m mostly just gonna run more resilient things sure there are gonna be some thor and maybe some thylas in there but they will probably be very few and far between.

Even still it’s better than mags

Even vs creatures with armor, its output is so high they don’t appreciate the hits. This tourney is gonna be the exact same as the last one, and spyx performed really well there, I mean I finished in the top 30 with it. Best revenge killer by far

Ya I got top 20 without last time. Just depends on RNG, deck and the opponents deck, plus with swap ins becoming very popular you can be sure spxs like magna is gonna suffer especially without Rend resistance meaning rat bait.

For me personally I’ll probably go with either of these two teams

Most though this will be basically a tyrant and high elite tournaments. Do I wish there were way more viable creatures consider there alone 27 uniques yet we see the same 7 over and over again. But that’s just how ludia has made the endgame

Idk there weren’t that many dracos around last time, never really felt like spyx had a big problem with them like gem and tenrex do. I’ll most likely run gem/lania/tryko/spyx/magna/mrhino/grypo/tenrex. Not a big fan of dio

Dino is surprisingly strong especially since Mammolania got that health buff it really handy against those, and even against swappers as it will usually always have a shield up.

The rat has become way more popular now along with Mrhino, and consider thanks the rewards this month and past events, those two are gonna be way more prevalent. And thanks to rhino being able to survive two hits from almost anything but tryko and Tenatorex it’s gonna probably escape.