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Little help for beginners

Hi there,

After trying Jurassic world: the game, and still enjoying that game a lot, I thought I should try JW:Alive as well. Although it’s a complete different game, I really am enjoying this one too.
I have been searching the forum for tips for beginners, the Do’s and Dont’s and some explanation, but haven’t found exactly what i was looking for. Are there posts like this? If there are, a link would really be appreciated. If there aren’t any topics, maybe an experienced player can tell something about the smart things to do in this game?

Right now I am lvl 5, aqquired 2 legendary’s. Fought some battles, and now I reached Mt. Sibo, and joined an Alliance… But I noticed the battling system is really diverse, has lots of tactics, so probably some advice wouldn’t hurt. I also have lots of common dino’s which I could level up, but I dont know if it is wise to do so for all. Maybe focus on just the really good ones? If so, which are the good beginner dino’s? A lot of questions… I hope there is someone who could spare me some good advice… Much appreciated! Thanks!



I don’t know where to start - there is so much you need to know :smile:

Probably the best place to start is the Gamepress Beginners Guides:

Then come back here if you need further help!


Thanks @PQC for the sending the beginner link :slight_smile:

Lots of knowledge here in the forum and you are also welcome to join us in the JWA Discord community too!

And big welcome to the game @Belboxtel


Man you’re level 5 and you’ve already unlocked two legendaries? That’s really impressive! Congrats and welcome to the world of JWA!


actually 3… Baryonix lvl 12, Pteradon lvl11 and T-rex lvl 11… They showd up… some sort of event… I had 9 tries i believe… Thnx for the welcome.

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thank you for the direction… Reading right now!

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It is epics,not legendaries he is talking about

Those are epics,not legendaries

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Pteranodon was the only one in the event,it was 9 tries though

Oops… my bad! I am used to call them legendaries because of Jurassic World: the game, haha


Keep a balanced team,do not invest too many coins in stuff that would not help you out much,figure out which zone you stay in,the zone decides the dinosaur spawning near you.


Yeah! It’s Ok.

We’re on 1.13 now …

Well those spawn mechanics seem to still be the same

u have beginner dino’s for a good team? For instance i read that the velociraptor is a very good starter dino, so now i am constantly feeding etc to boost that one… I find it a bit hard to allready tell in which zone I am living…
Right now I see in my map the following dino’s:
-monolophosaurus gen 2
-T-rex gen 2
-Dilophosaurus gen 2 (2x)
-Irritator Gen 2

Also, i do not really understand how big such zone is… is it entire city like, or just crossing some streets to enter a new zone?

Spawn mechanics in 1.13 are very similar to 1.12 - just missing the new 1.13 creatures

Archaeotherium : Anytime Global
Meiolania : Anytime Global
Eucladoceros : Dawn/Dusk Global

Monolophosaurus Gen 2 is meant to be Local 4(where I live) but because the current hybrid pursuit(a weekly thing where certain creatures are more common than others for a specific hybrid) the others are daily creatures or global,seeing that diplo g2 I say you are most likely,you are in Local 3

Yeah! The deer,I run into them occasionally

Definitely Local 3 - the Diplocaulus gives it away (assuming its not under an event drop …)