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Okay, so can some one help me real quick? Can someone tell me how to level this dragon up?

I mean, I met the requirements… Unless I didn’t and I’m just super crazy.

The requirements shown are for training, they shouldn’t affect the levelling. Does feeding him dragons not work?

Yeah it does, but it early moves the level bar. I give him dragons that would surely level him up multiple levels, but it just feeds him and keeps his level at 1.

And I was at 80k coins at one time, but instead of “Train” it was “Level”, like I still had stuff to do…

Well… I’m afraid it’s the “just super crazy” case. Sorry, you said it yourself.

You actually trained your dragon to 2-star and you didn’t notice that it required you to have a level 30 dragon?

Either way, see this “40” number? That’s the dragon level that you need to achieve. The reason why you get less XP per dragon… is because it takes more and costs more to level dragons the higher they become. There will be a point when a 2-star dragon won’t even give you a level, so… And then a point where like 3x2star dragons will be needed for a single level up. Though that’s only the case for maxed out 4-5star dragons.

Train and level are two different things. You train a star either starting at 0 or another. You recently trained your dragon from 1 to 2*. Now you need to level again. Should only take 2 or 3 1* to get to the next level at this point. Looks like you have him 1. Are you saying that you gave more and it didn’t level further?

The thing is, when I trained this particular Dragon as a baby, it grew up instantly into a two star dragon. I was so confused with what happened since I wasn’t paying attention when I clicked “Train”.

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Oh, apologies then. Yeah, that’s a … sort of lucky bug that I never got to experience and that, evidently, devs still haven’t fixed. Somehow that didn’t occur to me, but, yes, that’s an old bug I’m aware off, so no offense intended.

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Oh, so it’s a bug?

Interesting. First time it’s happened to me.

And although I’ve got several 5☆ dragons, I’ve yet to get them anywhere past 2 ☆s let alone anything in between.

So basically, the higher the stars are, the harder it gets to level the dragon up? Is that right?

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Hey Dinobai18, this is caused by the training tier being higher than it should be. However, once the dragon reaches the required level for that tier, levelling will become visible again. Rest assured that our team is still actively looking into this issue.