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Little help on my lineup

Hi guys,

I am excited to play this game ever since I came across it and I’ve been learning a thing or two from the general discussion or helping topics that previous gamers have left to help.

However, i’m a little stuck here with my lineup.

Would appreciate if able to advise what should i do?
I’m currently level 49, stuck with less than RM1 mil of food and average RM 2m of gold everyday
should I sell my legendary dinos? or level up the rest of the dinos?

Thanks in advance!

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First of reach level 50 ASAP, the trade harbour is what would allow you get higher coin and food production among other things that you need to build your lineup.

Don’t sell your legendaries (I am assuming you’re talking about your vips) although it would have been better if they are level 1 but don’t sell them you will find them very useful later on

Just focus on getting level 40 super rare and level 30 legendaries to support them, so first get more level 30 super rares and unlock the battle stage legendaries.

Common hybrids will be very useful to you right now as they cost as much as or less than super rares but are stronger and have less hatch times. But like super rares they are not useful later in the game so how much dna you want to invest in them is up to you.

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thank you so much @SpinoSri !

so my main priorities would be getting level 40 super rare and level 30 legendaries for now
but its so hard to get some of the super rares or even just common to build hybrids because some are still locked and I can’t unlock them (i only know to unlock via level up or the stage battle)

It’s kinda getting hard as most of the opponents i’m facing now are legendaries above 20-30s level and my line up are not helping :frowning:

Well your battles will be a bit hard if you’re not using your vips because they are probably making you battles harder

But if you use them properly theen every match you use a vip in will be a easy victory so you need to make use of their cooldown and use them in every match that’s too hard for the rest of the team.

As your other creatures come close to the vips in strength you will be less reliant on them.

I think you should level up your Alangasaurus to level 40 and play modded pvp to get 2 more Diplotators. This way, you will have 4 creatures from all classes with a very similar ferocity. I’m only level 46 btw so its up to you to take my advice seriously :D. But we are in a very similar stage so I can relate this question. Also where did you get so many Postosuchuses? Mine is only level 20 :frowning:

but even if I do used them up, the remaining battles from other stages will not be affected because the remaining dinos in my pool have lesser ferocity right ? :frowning:

It’s hard for me to gain VIP dinos now as i don’t have any VIP level with me >.<

thanks for the advice !
well any advice would worth a try and I don’t believe in level because maybe I’m leveling up the wrong way too XD

i’ll try to get my Alangasaurus up then, not sure if fuse them is the best way or just hatch them since I’ve unlocked them

I have no idea bro, sometimes it’s a bit of luck, every time i spin dinos I keep getting the same ones over and over again, kinda frustrating sometimes :frowning:

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The game does not care which creatures are on cooldown, if it’s on your roster regardless of availability it gets counted in the difficulty of your matches.

I would recommend just hatching everything the game gives you and feeding/fusing what makes sense. I would keep everything below level 5 VIP until you have 10ish creatures that can be fed or fused past that point at once. You might have a few weeks of difficulty but as you add creatures to support those two at the top, your game will get easier.

To help you understand:


I would wait for Wednesday and hatch them. This is both much cheaper and story missions frequently want you to have certain amounts of x animal at this level so it would be better to keep them for now. Also max commons are probably the most important ingredient of your coin production right now. You will want a lot of coins when you unlock the Trade Harbour. And I think Postosuchus is a great glass cannon for early game so you should consider yourself very lucky :D.

Thanks @Sionsith !
As i’m trying to feed and fuse everything I have right now, I feel my food and coin production is below par (probably I didn’t max out each paddock to 12 dinos)
but keeping those VIP dinos is giving me headaches :frowning:

Ahhh that’s one thing I never did, should I be maxing all paddocks to 12 dinos ?
or I should just get rid those commons one because I think the space is a bit concern if i wanna max coin production with decorations XD

Not really, if you want a better coin production just sell all your buildings, the best building is worse than Bonitasaura, which is the worst coin producing creature.


Search the forum for ‘Park layout’, there’s lots of advice on how to increase your coin production by arranging decorations round dino cages. You can start doing this with cheap decorations and then swap them for better ones as you build up coins.

I have sold off all for now, kept a few due to the story mission that requires certain buildings


Thank you, I have seen a few and even by @Sionsith on his park layout.

I have the duo mall strip layout for now and its WIP
Idk if i should continue with this layout or go for the newbie layout that @Sionsith has in his youtube video


This is my park layout. It costed me A LOT. Around 30 million coins… I’m still not sure if it was a good idea or a dumb mistake but I’ll let you know if it functions :D. The only thing here that I’m sure about is that Triceratops Head Sculptures are the most beneficial decorations at our level:D.


@Ahmet_Civan_Aydin1 thanks for the tips!
yea problem is not sure if this is the best decoration way, or the collector in the middle and surrounded by paddocks and decorations like a donut shape