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Little hint on daily mission DNA reward


I hit 70 alanqa dna (I thought the cap was 60), with 9 incubators opened. So, seen that hopefully epic dna will change in the future, and seeing that the only achievement hard to get is the number of incubator opened daily, I am thinking if the 70 dna is related to the number of incubators opened or the streak of dna gained consequentially…

Do you have xperiences on this?

Have someone gained more then 70 alanqa dna so far?

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Daily Alanqa inequality reward number

60 has been my best. Never had higher than that.


I got 70 and haven’t tried overly hard to do it either. (Don’t spend cash ever).
But the tip is do not try to complete it every day. Each time you hit the limit it gets harder. So if your not going to get the reward dont go over the incubator limit for the day and finish it the next day. That said I opened a 24hr incubator at the worst time last night and stuffed up 2 days either of missions and my sleeping pattern for 2 days (stupid).


I’m pushing 1.5k Alan dna, I’m not really doing dailies anymore


Don’t think it’s the number of incubators. I’m at 60 with 15 incubators opened. I had noted the increase, but didn’t get the reason yet. It might be time since starting this feature, number of consecutive completion days, or anything else. Developers don’t explain their features. They currently introduced rotation of several ingredients for the new hybrids. But you just have to guess it…

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I just hit 70 DNA today with 11 incubators as goal, but will not be completing all the missions. I will see if it goes back to 60 tomorrow. I am up to 17 battles as the goal as an FYI. The other ones I cashed in and do not remember what they were.

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I was supposed to have 70 DNA today. But I had a 12 hour incubator with my incubator goal to high. Didn’t like my battle goal either, so didn’t reach it.

Pretty sure the DNA goes down by 10 tomorrow.

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These are the missions I need to complete to gain 70 alanqa dna today:
300 rare dna collected
675 dna collected
135 darts collected
1150 coins collected
9 incubators opened
250 darts shotted
105 direct hits
44 supply drops opened
14 battles done

Yes I agree I already did this, one day I had to open 11 or 12 incubators (I don’t remember now) and I haven’t completed that and let the target reduced on a doable one. :wink:

Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes I am trying to figure out how it works with the help of you all so that we can be prepared if Alanqa will change to some other epic :slight_smile:
So I guess the dna gained raise based on the number of days (not consequentially) of the whole achievements completed.

Thanks! Let us know how it goes!

Thanks, keep us posted!


It’s actually 70 again today.

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Thanks! This proves again that we are not oblidged to achieve all the goals daily, so this is a good thing to know! :heart_eyes:

Still wondering if it is a cap on the max dna we can achieve or if 70 is the max… Hopefully time will tell.

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Strangely I don’t have a required incubator amount to open today, anyone else have a change like this?


Also on 70 DNA but i get to open 12 Incs , don’t think that’s going to happen.

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Someone posted a picture with 80 DNA as the reward.

I completed my missions yesterday, so cannot report if the DNA amount went down, sorry. I hit a strike tower on the way to the store and that completed the battle part, then I forget to include the daily 10 battle reward which put me over.

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My highest is 90!

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Oh wow! Good to know as well!! Thanks!


Lol, I cant get past open 4 incubators. Luckily I don’t care about the bird DNA at all. I just do the other non-incubator ones for cash n coin everyday.

If the reward was useful, say Anky or Kentro DNA, I would actually put some effort in. :sunglasses:

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The daily missions are randomized daily, and there’s a chance to not have a specific mission on any given day. I’ve had several days since they started where opening X number of incubators wasn’t one of the dailies for me. Makes the day much easier at least!

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I have 80 today and yet I didn’t claim my 70 yesterday. Same for the day before (2 days in a row where I finished the goals but didn’t claim anything :pensive:)


yea, highest is 80 so far. since ludia doesnt want to inform us, we update each other here in future okay. want to know how far it can go or is there possibility they change DNA after certain cap. sharing is caring.

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If you achieve all the tasks, satisfying one day with incubators, which you have to pay with some cash, the next day will not require incubators. With that said, I am at 70, but I think I am going to stop paying cash, as it is becoming more expensive.