Little idea...give up!

It will be fine for me, to make choice “surrend battle” and give immediatly winning to oponent 3:0 (maybe 3:1 depends on real score). I dont wanna play or waste time with cautious strike spamming people or more then 5-6 level higher dinos, or thousands of boost more spends. I just wanna quick it end and play again with some normal and dont wait for useless battle to end. What you think?


Close the game and go meditate.


It take time, I wanna play but not this game :face_vomiting::joy:


You know that Ludia want it this way otherwise they would have fixed it a long time ago… So, I don’t think they will ever add a “forfeit” button. Matchmaking routines are really easy to do. If they didn’t want you to fight dinos many levels over yours, they could. A typical matchmaking is normally something that look like -10% to +10% but in this game it’s “variable” so often the matchmaking will become -5% to 15%. (those numbers are just an example). This is designed that way so you will want to boosts your dinos more, or increase your dino level all the time. Basically, if you want the short route, you’ll aways invest more money in the game. The bad news is: No matter what level you’ll be, this will come back to haunt you again.


I occasionally get an opponent who just gives up and just lets the game ride out and my creatures aren’t that much higher than theirs. If they would just play, they could get a good two takedowns, rather than just one or none. I don’t have any boosted creatures.

I get people with a way over boosted creature and just play them, trying to get at least one takedown toward my daily battle incubator. If anything, it gets the game over fast to just play them and keep the game going.

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As I said a long long time ago when someone else asked for the same thing… If you just wanna give up a battle because the opponent is too strong, you can simply do basic moves and lose super fast! It would take, like, 5 to 10 seconds… A surrender button is totally unnecessary.

Also, people would be going around doing that a whole-freaking-lot in practically every lost battle right before the end, even close battles at 2-2 just so the opponent doesn’t get that sweet taste of the final blow, you can be sure of that… which would be very very disappointing… Not to mention tons of surrenders right from the start, just to complete Daily and Alliance missions.

So, no, I don’t think that would be good for the game.


Yeah it would basically break the daily tasks. If they ever did Implement something as ridiculous as a quit button, then they would make it to the battles don’t count for takedowns. Or even count as playing a battle. Basically wasting everyone’s time


I absolutely agree, I think there should be a “give up option” available, since some fights, really, are nothing more but a waste of time.

I found arena was kinda like meditation, because one minute I’d be sitting still and then the next I’d be on the walls lol

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What a way to drop arenas!

Super fast.

Yeah, that’s a no from me, Dawg.


It’s a waste of time. I really want a forfeit button too. Too bad it would require alterations to the alliance/daily battle mission and derankers.

Never though about that. I hate arena droppers sooooo much already, that yep, the last thing we need is something that help them do it faster. Not until Ludia fix the matchmaking for sure.

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I would like to make a suggestion. Why don’t we include a forfeit option for when we have a combat that is impossible to win because our opponent’s creatures are at a much higher level? I guess that will be easier to program than balancing the thousands of different levels of opponents’ dinosaurs for a combat.

Sometimes (very often) my opponent has dinos much stronger than mine and I know at the beginning I can’t win so why can’t I just quit the match instead of watching my team get totally slaughtered??