Little tip regarding the free daily boosts

I you are like me and keep dropping in and out of Lockwood, I found a little tip to make sure you get the +4 stat boosts and not the +3.

Basically lets say you only need a couple of kills to complete the 10 kills battle incubator, you are currently at 3960 or so and only need one win to finish it. Lets say you win and your battle incubator is ready to open, but you are only at 3990 now, and thus if you open it will get +3 boosts.
Do NOT open it, do another match and bring yourself over that 4000 trophies point so you are in Lockwood…NOW open it, you will get +4.

Whether you get a +3 or +4 boost from the battle incubator is based on the arena you are CURRENTLY in, NOT the arena you were in when completing the 10 kills!

I have tested and confirmed it.

Hope this info can help you all :slight_smile:




I actually laughed when I read that hahah!

Id say “Clever use of game mechanics and say how do I know its not 100% intended”.

I think we are in a tangent universe haha!


we should make an alliance… call it Exploited Chaos!!! you in?


I can supply the torches and matches =D


we will need atleast one sacrifice per week to keep the mobb happy.


thats a great tip though. good job.


Thanks, noticed it the other day when I opened mine and got +3 and seen was coz my trophies had just dropped below 4000, tried today when I seen I was still JUST under 4000 when I made the final win, done another match and BINGO Dino dn…I mean +4 boost lol

By the way do the further back arena get under +3 for their boosts? like +4, +3, +2 and so on?

Edit: Also ill let you know when I get someone to “volunteer” to sacrifice themselves, totally voluntary of course :wink:

Thanks a lot! I was wondering if that would work, and didn’t had any occasion to test it! (I tend to have wins or loss streaks so I am always far from 4000 trophies or well beyond.)

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yes i think 2 is the lowest.

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I suppose thats probably for the best, imagine all the boosted Iguanodon running around if the newer players got +4 LOL

Edit: Maybe Ludia done it this way so newer players didnt waste so much worth of boosts?


Oh nice thanks for that, never seen that chart before!

its from the release notes.

Ah kk, I don’t read things like that too often, I normally just skim the forums for keywords like exploit hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

yes… there is a world out there beyond the pitchfork my friend :joy:


Im hoping if I get to live long enough I can one day see it lol

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Lol I do this too lately. Literally bouncing between ruins and lockwood all the time.

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That’s a pretty good tip.
I’m going to share that with my alliance.

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