Little tips for breeding please?

Hi. Well this isn’t a problem, not a bug or anything but…I think I need some help from you guys.
So I need one tricky two heads zippleback and I am breeding for it 2 weeks.What I get everytime is one zesty zippleback.Actually it pisses me off a little since I have almost everything to make my zippleback 3 stars and literally the game just thinks about getting all my fish without giving me anything good.I even put my 4* zippleback breed with my 3* one for 12 000 fish…And you guessed it…Zesty zippleback…I leave these dragons breed while I’m sleeping since it takes like 10 hours.
So what I’m trying to say is…I need some help and tips for breeding…Everyday I hope I will get him…Eventually get 2* zippleback…And sometimes 3* one…yet never a 4*…The thing is that I bred for a 4* stormcutter and got her like in 3-4 days.And with this dragon just…things dont seem to work?..I made my stormcutter 3 stars and my zippleback is still 2 stars wasting all my fish…I really need some help and tips…


Sounds like your just venting and you know the answer is to just keep trying.

If you would have obtained the event dragon Barf & Belch. Then you could have used that 5-star Hiddeous Zippleback to breed another Tricky.

Good Luck


I think the chance of getting hybrids / getting better hybrids by breeding are lower than getting „normal“ dragons because hybrids are stronger. But I had a similar situation: I cannot count anymore how many 2* Zapplejacks I‘ve been breeding while leveling up my Anveil (by breeding Anveil with Anveil). I got a Gasleak when Anveil was almost fully leveled with many doubles to improve his Spirit Ability.
My advice: Level a „fitting“ dragon meanwhile. I improved my Flank-Tanker while getting my Anveils, so I could use the green 2* dragons almost immediately. Once in a while I breed Flank-Tanker to have a double for her and some 2* blue dragons to feed Anveil when I‘m done. I spend tons of fish, yes, but nearly zero scales for colour hatching!

Same as me when I used 2 War-Cry to make 1 Wave-Shaker, 50 times breed and I still cant get him :joy:

Thanks for the advice @Bee !
I will try to do the same as you and hopefully finally get this 4* zippleback…Thanks for everyone’s advice too!

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