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**LittleFoots** are **Recruiting**

LittleFoots are recruiting

We currently have spaces available in our fun active alliance.
When full we hit at least 9/8 on weekly missions

We are looking for active daily players to help us reach 10/10

Must compete in tournaments and defeat 10 creatures for participation rewards And

Play PvP battles daily (No 0 trophies)

We are proud to say we are part of ARK

And have 2-3 lvl 20 sanctuaries

Discord is essential

If interested please contact me on discord


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Still a couple of spaces to fill in our lovely alliance

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Friendly, knowledgable, and 3 level 20 sancs.
What a great Alliance this is.
Thanks for taking me in Littlefoot.

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We are currently looking for 3-4 daily PvP battlers! If you love battling then LittleFoots is the place for you

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could i maybe join?

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is you liking my comment a yes?

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No I’m liking your comment, I’m a MEMBER of Littlefoots, but not the owner, we’ll set you up. Please send your Discord And in game pin

i cant get discord sadly

ingame is NiceSapperofCyan 3436