Live on post and there are no dinosaurs


I live on a military instillation. It’s rather large and like it’s own little city so I don’t have to leave often. There are absolutely NO dinosaurs around. I suppose this is to keep those who don’t belong here from trying to come on post…? It’s prettt lame though.


None at the base near me either. Not sure why. I also have friends that live in a gated community, hardly a dino anywhere. Sucks for them (and me when I’m visiting)!


Lame but right thing to do, people often farm DNA a night too. Exp Raptor DNA, wouldn’t want a bunch of folk stepping into areas such as this at night and creating issues. Exp folks that drive and play, lol.


Plus, Google maps doesn’t mark points of interest at military installations, it’s a national security risk. So the only POI you’re liable to find on a military base might be the visitor facilities, such as a museum or welcome center.


Yeah I have the same :frowning: there’s nothing on base, but that started back in the day with Pokémon go, when the military complained and since then all AR games don’t do any spawns on base, I have to go to the city to get anything :confused:


Thank goodness this isn’t a thing. Sucks for you but it would be mad dumb to have kids wandering onto bases.