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Load game verification failed. try again

Please help me…

can’t load the game, and i will miss out the tourney :sob::sob::sob:


Reset your WiFi, power cycle your phone.


both didn’t work​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


any chance @Ned can pass it to the team??

If no, any chance on giving me the Tsintao Pack??

Like, i’m nearly there…



Hello ProWithNonMetaDinos. You can reach out to our team directly at with your support key for assistance. They’ll respond to you as soon as possible.



I have @Davy Please review it ASAP…

I’m Panicking as its a fun Tourney and a good dino…
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Ludia… Please Please Review it now…
if I don’t get any response in the email i Demand the Tsintao Pack (and unlock it) because I have it in the bag as long as i get to play.


Demanding is not going to get you any where, usually it is a 4-5 day turn around on tickets. And since everyone else’s game is working it does not bode well for a claim that this falls on Ludia’s side instead of yours.

And I understand that you are upset as I would be as well.


Something similar happened with me about year and a half ago, even if Support understand the issue they would not hand out an unlock just like that unless it’s a player wide issue.

We can’t pinpoint yet why this errors are happening to some players (yes I’ve been a victim of it several times) but the only way out is to wait till it’s loading again or make the WiFi stable, try switching between mobile data or so, and you know everything else others suggested.

Hope the issue gets resolved for you soon.

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Hopefully 2500 cups is enough

edit: i was hoping ludia repond quick bcz last time i contact support they responded thr next hour.

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2500 cups ? There is literally no need to panic. This tournament should finish at around a base of 1600 ( as all typical new releases do. ) You have secured the dom finish.

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Are you logined as a guest ?

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no, i’m logged to Facebook.

And… i guess tourney is safe…

CoT is not however if it takes 4-5 days for ludia to respond…

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'Scuse me, Ludia, please send a reply email or somethin…

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Ludia please answer me @Ned or anyone at support pls answer or at least reply to my email.

Hey there, ProWithNonMetaDinos. I’m sorry to hear that our support team has not gotten back to you yet.

Please note it can take a few business days for our team to review/respond to messages, depending on their current ticket volume.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your message until our team replies as that can reset your position in our team’s queue.

Thank you.

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thanks for the reply, @Ned. this way, i can know what happened in ludia currently. i’ll be waiting. Sooner is better!

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Ludia… @Ned could ask the team to continue. i want the prize and have fun like Everyone else.

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Ludia support working hours

Does anyone know this? thanks…

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It usually takes like 4-5 business days (usually a week) to get a response. You should get a response within two days.

Some things I would try before then: check your connection, make sure that your device is fully updated, clear some of your storage if it’s full, clear the cache for the game.

Good luck, hope your issue gets resolved soon.

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