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Load Screen boss is OP

Between last night and today, I attempted several raids only to have the raid time out. Being able to listen to people on discord and playing JWA from raids timing out is becoming extremely tedious. The server issues within the raids are becoming like the initial launch and several months after the start of pokemon go. Ludia you are better than this. You have taken a concept of mobile AR like pokemon go and transformed it into a better game. Please improve the servers. I loath spending more times on load screens counting 59 sec only to be timed out than it actually costs in time to down a boss.

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yep load boss is tough if it happens and it doesnt load in the first 10 seconds everyone lose focus on the screen as in jumpp off the screen then back in again this fixes it 100 percent of the time frome but its hard to know who is causing it hence everyone should do it