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Loading battle glitches

  1. Yesterday, at some point (I don’t remember exactly) it sort of ropped me into battle in one of the daily (I think was) quests. It’s not as if I wouldn’t enter the battle eventually on my own, but it’s one thing to chose so and another for it to get clicked and start loading on its own before you can do anything about it.

  2. Today, around early after noon, I was trying to load an Alpha battle (first out of 3 tries) and while I was clicking to start battle, it took me to runes and kept asking me to put in some card to make a purchase, instead of just loading the battle as I asked. It was a bit trying to get out of the page and back to the Alpha battles. This (the runes thing) has happened again, but was several days ago, and it mustn’t have been during battle I had to close the game and re-open it to get out as it had gotten stuck.

  3. Some other time this week (perhaps yesterday or the day before that) the daily quests appeared shaky for a few moments. Minor glitch, but still a glitch.

  4. This is reserved for the glitch I came across and don’t remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really have a hard time remembering all the glitches and understanding the particulars to categorize them as it is. I hope you look into these things closely and keep upgrading your game. It’s nice so far, but it’s not, by any means, perfect.

Thanks for reporting this to us, @Featherwing. If you send your support key over to our support team here at, our team would be happy to take a look at your account to try and see what the problem might be.

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I’m fairly certain that it’s just your screen digitizer. I’m not too sure about #1, but points #2 and #3 are the issues that I had and they are not exclusive to this game. If your screen is dirty or your phone is overheated, usually a clean wipe and\or a total restart would fix it.

My… what?!

Sorry, I don’t know how it’s my screen’s fault; it doesn’t do that otherwise. I’ve only had this particular glitch in this game.

I do, however, have network issues… But those particular glitches are not network related, I’ve seen what those would be like, and there’s no reason to complain to about those as they only eat a bit of my time and patience.

Also, none of the glitches happened while my phone was dirty or overheated or sporting any glitch of its own.

Heyyy did you by any chance have wet fingers? Or did your screen have water on it? Or was the room you where in humid? Electronics tend to glitch out like that with water present. If that’s not the case make sure that only the game is open so nothing else interferes. I doubt it would be anything to do with disc space but if you want to make sure you have some free space on your device
I could be wrong tho. Hope everything gets resolved soon

No, I didn’t have wet fingers, I wasn’t in a humid place and my phone was designed as waterproof… (though I am not trying mine and the phone’s luck on that front). And my storage is okay as I have all my big apps & stuff in a big sd card. Whenever ram or storage gets close to full, I deal with it. This wasn’t any fault of the device.

I do multitask, though. A lot. But the device is supposed to be okay with it, only catch being I always have to reload the game from the beginning when I want to resume activity after having closed the screen or tapped on some other app. Therefore, I am fairly sure it wasn’t a multitask issue.

Thanks for the input.

Just saying that the symptoms are similar. Swoop also had a fair guess about humidity. If it only ever happens in this game… You could try to reinstall, but otherwise I can’t really advise anything. The touch sensitivity in the game is sheetty, but not that bad. At least not clientside-unfixable bad.

I only play in my bedroom - office. There cannot be any excess humidity in here, trust me. If there was, I would be sneezing and blowing my nose…

And as for the heat, that is a problem, but only in summers. And I do something about it too; I open the air-conditioning.

Also, ah, don’t have the time to load and play many games, but I can tell you each game has its own glitches if you play long enough. School of Dragons, for example, has its own. But with that I also have real loading issues due to it being too heavy and the network being too slow, so it can make me wait for 30 mins without loading at all, so I kind of not bother for now. This one, though, it loads okay. Sometimes it disconnects, but it doesn’t have any major network crashes. Those it does have aren’t a real concern to me, considering they are not really hindering my playing.

I also have other games I don’t care much but aren’t buggy as far as I know.

But yeah, I see what you mean. Thanks for the input.