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Loading bug on alpha

Hey guys, I understand things take time and I’m sure there’s tonnes work involved. My clan is trying to beat its first 7star alpha but nearly everyone in the clan has experienced a loading bug once and it’s a lot of damage missed. How’s it going with a fix? Thanks for the great game!


Our team is still working on a solution, @Luke1212. :sweat:

We’ll be sure to update everyone once we have more information from our team.

In the meantime, could you try some of the troubleshooting from our FAQ here and see if it helps reduce the issue:


Thank you for getting back to me, I understand things do take time and we appreciate the work you guys are putting into this.
I’ll have a look and see if any of it can help.

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A few days ago i heard that the loading bug might be caused by being in the alpha fight for too long (about 3 minutes or so) because of this i tried to play the alpha fight a bit faster than i normally do and haven’t experienced the loading bug since.

Maybe you should try the same and see if that helps?


I’ll definitely try that! Thank you for the suggestion

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It has happened to me too, twice now!

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