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Loading Error after defeating boss, no rewards


I’ve just complete the level 22 boss in the icy area and once I had complete it it just kept loading and loading, I left it for a while and nothing happened so I reset the game and when I went back in, I had non of my rewards so no dragon token you get for defeating it. It took me on to the next area so I can’t go back and do it again. Not sure what to do?

Problem after beating the boss

Same thing happened to me. After the latest update there is no way to earn rewards from quests. I just finished 3 quests in the icy area and every time i won it, it kept loading but never did. I just reached the lvl 22 boss and don’t want to fight it just bcs I know I would miss the chance to get the reward. Can you guys please fix the loading bug?


Hey @Scalie and @Moomindo, thanks for reporting this and letting us know. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look at this for you and see what might have happened? Thanks!

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Same happened to me too :worried:

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Same here this is the second time it’s happened to me

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Same thing happened to me. Did they do anything to fix it for you?


Haven’t had any info back yet but hopefully someone will reply soon

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I sent an email this morning but haven’t had a reply yet either. I’m sure they’ll get back to us soon.

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Same thing happened to me. REALLY wanted those rewards, wanted that Gold card


In Titan uprising, there has been an problem with the gmae after the new update.
I’ve beaten the big alpha in world 2, I think, and when I did, my game said loading for 15 minutes but there didn’t come anything… And after I closed and reloaded the game, I was in the next map and didn’t get any rewards for beating the boss.
Can someone help me with this issue please?..

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Still waiting on a response from someone atm but messaged them earlier and still nothing yet and it’s been about 6 or 7 hours that I’ve been waiting could take longer


Can you please tell if this problem is resolved?


It’s not the same thing just happened to me a few minutes ago


I can confirm that the issue is being fixed at the moment. If you have already contacted support about this, please allow some time to get back to you. In order for us to resolve your issue as efficiently as we can, please kindly refrain from updating your ticket which changes its position in the queue. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

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Hey Ned, how soon do you predict the support team will help me recieve my rewards?? I’m, sry for being blunt, but not very motivated to play bc I earned a very cool dragon that would help my team if I’d received it.


Oh sry thank u


I had the same issue. I’m on 20. I beat 19 and didnt get my rewards. I stopped playing on that till it’s fixed. For fear of not getting my rewards at all. Just been playing around and building my team up. They did get back to me. But only asking for my support code. Didnt know I even had one I should have included.