Loading fight screw over


Does anyone ever have the fight time timeout before loading the fight and its stuck on the zero second and when you refresh it shows you’ve lost a match?


Many had the same problem yet not addressed by Ludia.

Last night I had 3x times same issue. Where I would have won but I lost. As timer went to 0 and stayed there. Reloaded game and see my 2x dinos already lost.

3x losses because of this last night for me


When time is 1,30 sec just restart your app again…


Was that you whom I fought last night? :joy::joy::joy:
Would have normally lost that battle miserably cos every dino my opponent had was at least 2 levels higher than my strongest dino. The countdown kept going to zero before my opponent dished out its weakest move.


Thanks I’ll try that


Maybe i was in isla nublar ruins


Nah…I’m in Jurassic Ruins. However, I got my just rewards for winning a cheap battle… I am currently on a 5 battle losing streak. Cheers!