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Loading issues are back!

Loading issues are back on mobile network, can’t seem to get past 8/24 screen when on mobile network.

Have tried all the steps suggested by ludia and other users to no avail.

This started happening only after 1.7 update was dropped. My speed is 12mbps download and 4mbps upload.

Sent a screenshot of speedtest and the game screen stuck on 8/24. Their response (after few days) as I expected was “It’s not their fault, it’s my network provider”. Rest of my games work like a charm on my phone including marvel clash of clans which requires active data connection to play.

According to ludia my network provider has some kind of a block only for JWA.
How gullible do they think I am?:joy:

Eitherwho if anyone has some lesser known steps then please share.

I’m sorry to hear that you are having loading issues again, @OutlandishOutlaw. If possible, could you try connecting your device to a WiFi connection and see if that works? Please make sure to disable your mobile network after connecting to your WiFi, so the signal doesn’t jump around.

If you’re still having issues after doing that, our team would be happy to take another look for you if you reach out to them here at again. Thanks!

Happened to me last night I cleared data and cache from the app and that didn’t work then it came back after about half an hour I know this doesn’t help but think you may just need wait it out

Hi Ned my game only works on WiFi for some reason.

Hey happy thank you, I have tried this step to no avail.