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Loading problems

My game hits loading and stays there I’ve seen other game have had this problem a lot actually thy all did the same thing every time you start the app start from scratch the game does not take a lot of time to load and works fine if it does I think I reboot my iPad 1 a day so it does and it works fine loading seems to be a problem for a lot of players

Game is frozen stuck on same screen every time I load the game I was giving gear to a guild member I’m not rebooting my iPad 6 again I hope the game eventually works thanks for the fun times hope I can play soon :blush:

Hey DAGBC56, I’m sorry to hear that is happening. If it is possible, could you try launching the game on a different device and see if you’re having the same issue?

Our team would be happy to try and assist you as well if you reach out to them at