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Loading the game stuck on 17/25

My game won’t load any further then 17 out of 25.
I tried re-installing the game.
I tried setting the timezone to NY.
I tried a forced close.
I rebooted my phone.
My connection is stable, everything else works just fine.
I use a Samsung S8 and never had problems before until today.

Nothing seems to work :frowning:

Hey Jeroen_van_der_Weij, the troubleshooting steps here might help: Stuck on loaded screen of game?

Do not hesitate to contact our support team at as well, and our team would be happy to assist you further.

I’ve been having this same problem pretty regularly over the last week or so and am even dealing with it right now. The only solution so far has been to simply walk away from the game for a few hours and try it again later hoping that it will work.

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Turn off the game and do not attempt to start it up for at least a half-hour.
If it is still a problem, then e-mail support, give them your Support Key, and ask them to “reset your account”.

In the 17/25 bug, the server still believes you are logged in. A half-hour is usually enough to automatically time out the connection and then it will work again. It normally comes from logging off due to getting kicked out of an arena match and then attempting to log right back in. I find that getting kicked out of PvP matches due to the AI bug where it will time you out of a “real player” match is almost guaranteed to cause the 17/25 bug.

I did report this information to support and I’m hoping that they are able to isolate and fix this issue.

Thanks for the tips!
Walking away for several hours seems to work.
The game works again!