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Loading the game

Anyone having problems getting into the game?

I am. Stuck at 16/24 for almost 5 hours now. Tried everything, nothing has worked.

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That is the same as me I was just playing it a few hours ago

My lvl 13 account has just started doing this, so I went on my other phone and logged out of my lvl 18 account and now can’t get back into either!

It worked again this morning, but couldn’t start an 8 hour incubator last night before bed. Minor, but still frustrating.

Same here. Cant get past 16

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is Google play related. Third time this week it has happened and everytime I’ve been prompted to choose Google over Facebook or guest. @Ned has this been brought up before? If not please pass it to the powers that be. Thanks!

Noted, @Kodiakhunter1. Thanks!

This issue has been brought up with our team, and they’re looking into it.

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