I haven’t had the app for more than 12hrs, when I open the app it gets stuck on collecting extraction darts.
I assume I have to uninstall/ reinstall the app?
Force closing and rebooting didn’t resolve


I would try that. Hope it works!


Now will you lose your data?


Tried that still not loading… I am beginning to think they don’t have the server capability to handle the users…


What phone do you have?


Android galaxy S8. I have had to uninstall/ reinstall 4 times. The game runs for about an hour then I get disconnected and it won’t reload.

Sounds like the server is over loaded


I have had the same thing on my Pixel 2. I have been able to force a re-launch in Android 9 but its always seeming to be overloaded. (In Denver with Verizon on 4G with flagship, defo not me)