"Loan" a Dino to another park

I’d like a feature added where we could “loan a dinosaur” to another park.

Now, why would you want to do this? Well, at some point I’ll get to the missions where I have to make dinos that are way more powerful than the rest of my group. (Indoraptor for example.) And for some badges too.

After I do this, my team will get really unbalanced and PvE might become impossible.

Maybe when we do this, we have to loan the dino for 24hours/1week/2weeks/1month kind of time and you get maybe 10% of the coins it generates per day.

However, when it is loaned out, it doesn’t count against your dino scores for PvE.

Edit: and, while I’m at it, you could have the risk of a dino accident like in Jurassic Park when they were loading the dino in the beginning of the movie and the guy got hurt. It could be like a Code 19 or some new challenge?