Lobby and In-Raid Chat

For some of these raids, we really need a lobby and in-raid chat to communicate with our teammates.

For the lobby, it would be very helpful for asking others to “Please pick a different creature.” or “We need a shield breaker.” or “We need a creature with distraction.” or “Who has a healer?”

I would also want to say, “Lets not even try without a full team of 4.”

In-Raid chat would pause the timer while players, that is the leaders, are thumbing out messages as to which moves everyone needs to make with some of these raid bosses. It would also be nice to let others know I won’t have a heal available till the next round. “Cross your fingers, hope not to die.”

Some of these raid bosses takes strategy and when you can’t communicate, you don’t even want to try some times and ignore the requests. It is challenging between me and my wife with our 2 accounts to beat Grypo as we have to make the exact right moves each round to get through it. There is no point to even bother doing Grypo with my alliance team because it takes specific creatures to win and there is no way to communicate, either in the lobby or during the raid.

I know some alliances have 3rd party chat with extra devices to communicate but everyone can’t do this. We can get away with no chat on the epic and some legendary bosses but not so much the unique and there is no way with the apex bosses.

P.S. I like more bosses because there is a better chance of one being in range as the cold weather and winter comes.


That what i like

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They should of worked on this instead of new emotes


I mean like, sometimes when you enter a raid and you want to discuss which teamup is the best but you can’t communicate and you lose.

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Ludia: that is what the forums and discord is for


Its very much needed, and discord or anything like that cant work. Its so annoying when you invite friends(PEOPLE YOU CAN’T CHAT WITH) and they choose a bad creature and won’t change it

Agreed. A chat window in the lobby is a must.

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Pls enable chat with friends similar to the one we have for Alliance members. This will really help for Raids.

Too often the team is guessing at which dino to use. Good opportunity to talk strategy ahead of the raid as well.


I agree this should be added

Its one of the many things that should be added to the game. Ludia said battle with alliance members and friends and create strategies. Idk how you can create a strategy with a friend(who you don’t know and just friended after you battled them in the arena, idk just an example) if you don’t know them, if they are in an different alliance, and if they don’t use discord. Not everyone has discord to discuss these things ludia. And if you want somebody to use a certain creature but they don’t, its just luck if you can somehow signal them to change it. SO yeah raid chat in the lobby would be extremely helpfull

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Alternatively, more specific move commands would be nice instead.

We have “We need to use Distraction” and “Time to Heal”, so why not add “Time to Speed Up”, “Use Group Attack!”, “Time to Rampage!” and/or “Time to Strike!” in place of “Nice!” and “So Close!”, so at least players who are much more experienced with Apex raids and are more familiar with the strats can tell other players who have had very little to no experience in Apex raids what they need to do with the creatures they’re using?

Agreed. If we can have “time to heal” we can just as easily have “save your group shattering rampage for the minions” or “stop cloaking and break shields already”. Oddly specific but very necessary in random raids.

Again today struggling to get Raids within Alliance. Please enable Chat with friends so that we can communicate with friends and start Raids.

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As much as we need this (and we definitely do), there’s a good chance it’ll be just as buggy as the alliance chat. Maybe if they actually fixed alliance chat… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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bold of you to assume that jwa is good with chat

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maybe ask for spectate
if any1 is big healer he/she can guide lower healer

Come on Lydia!